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Wonders of Buoyancy

This film was created especially for Physical Science 101 class, taught by Teresa Ciardi, at College of the Canyons. Samantha Rhodes from LEGO Atlantis has come to teach her class about buoyancy with real-life examples. Be sure to look out for the live-action part where director Andrew Bermudez performs an experiment! 

Running Time: 10 min.

Hidden Images:

Stagehand Visible: When the captain of the cargo ship calls to cast off after he believes the ship has filled to full capacity, you can see a grip man standing outside the bridge, looking out at the dock.

Feature Film

Behind the Scenes


Professor Samantha Rhodes

As a member of the Deep Sea Salvage Crew and a part-time school teacher, Samantha Rhodes is the ideal teacher for this class about buoyancy. She is a very idealistic and intelligent and is not bound to give up, even if others around her don't entirely believe in her goals.

She is also very caring and sensitive to others around her, though Lance Spears, James Digalot and the occasional punk student can get on her nerves. If someone's self-esteem is down, or if they have had a very bad day, Samantha gives time to try to comfort them and get them back up, telling them that, as long as they believe in something, they can make it in life and fulfill their dreams.

Lance Spears

Formerly first mate of the Deep Sea Salvage Crew, Lance Spears is an eccentric, yet cowardly and somewhat klutzy, diver and treasure hunter. He is also somewhat lazy and maybe a little self-righteous, but really wants to help out any way he can. While he is a self-proclaimed expert in anything that goes boom, he is very inexperienced in romance, especially when he begins a relationship with Sarah Thunder. Regardless, he still responds in a time of need.

Crooked Hat Student

The crooked hat student is that problem student like the ones all teachers have. He's the guy who always shows up late, never does his homework, does his classwork wrong, uses bad language a lot, and constantly tells Samantha how hot she is. It's still a wonder why he is still in this class, but there's a good chance that he may not last much longer.

Glasses Student

If the Crooked Hat Student is a teacher's worst nightmare, then the Glasses Student is an embodiment of a teacher's dream come true. He always shows up at least fifteen minutes before class starts, helps with demonstration preparation, always does his homework and schoolwork right, constantly asks relevant questions, and is very eager to learn. Too bad there are no jobs for him to get when he graduates!