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Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients

Following the first two Johnny Thunder films, this animated adventure will take you to the far reaches of the globe as Johnny and his friends look for the ancient portal keys that will unlock the Hidden Mysteries! But Lord Sam Sinister and his men are back to stop them, and they're stronger than ever! Filled with chases, puzzles, and intrigue, this is sure to be Johnny's most exciting adventure yet!
Running Time: 87 min.


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Which Adventurer are you?

The Adventurers are the heroes that are always heading around the world in search of treasure and cultural knowledge. But have you ever wanted to find out which one you are most like? Take this fun quiz to find out!



Jonathon Henry Thunder

Johnny Thunder is ready for more adventuring as he gets ready to travel around the world in search of the greatest treasure the ancient civilizations have to offer! What started out as a vacation to Spain will soon turn into a race against his greatest foes as he uncovers the greatest secret humanity has ever hidden! Will he be up to it? Of course he will, because he's Johnny Thunder!

For a full bio for Johnny Thunder, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

Pippin Reed Thunder

As Johnny's wife and ace photographer for World Magazine, Pippin is ready to make a record of this amazing discovery! Just as head-strong as ever, Pippin is not ready to let Lord Sinister and Patrick get away with this find. With her family and friends, she's ready to head out on a global adventure and find this amazing treasure in the name of science and education!

For a full bio for Pippin Reed Thunder, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

Dr. Charles Kilroy

While he is not getting any younger, Dr. Kilroy is just as eager to go on this exciting adventure as any one else! While his ramblings and lectures may annoy the other adventurers, his knowledge and expertise are still invaluable assets, as his knowledge of ancient cultures will certainly come in handy when solving the many clues along this perilous journey!

For a full bio for Dr. Charles Kilroy, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

Harry Cane

Still eager to fly the Adventurers around the world and not so eager to enter dangerous tombs, Harry Cane is ready for more globe-trotting, after getting to participate in the famous Running of the Bulls. Yet, while he knows that being Johnny Thunder's ace pilot means trouble at every corner, even Harry is unaware of the action and danger that awaits him on this exciting adventure!

For a full bio for Harry Cane, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

Sarah Thunder

Joining the rest of her family and friends in Pamplona, Sarah Thunder's bravery is put to the test as she is swept up in an international adventure! Traveling from Great Zimbabwe to Machu Picchu and beyond, she is very excited to not only see these exotic sights, but to also share the excitement with her new boyfriend, Lance Spears! It's going to be her most exciting, and romantic, adventure yet!

For a full bio for Sarah Thunder, please visit the "Gift of the Nile" page.

Lance Spears

Boyfriend to Sarah Thunder and expert in anything that goes boom, Lance Spears is very excited to join Johnny Thunder in his quest for the Hidden Mysteries. However, as this is his first big adventure with Johnny Thunder, Lance probably isn't expecting the scary surprises that he's going to encounter along the way! Good thing he has Sarah by his side to protect and comfort him!

For a full bio for Lance Spears, please visit the "Wonders of Buoyancy" page.

Dr. Jim Carew

While he's not entirely the type who jumps on the opportunity to go globe-trotting, Jim Carew has made a special exception for this adventure! From Peru to Romania, he's more than willing to help out Johnny on this adventure and discover the truth behind the Hidden Mysteries. But after staying at the museum for all of those years, why does he want to go on this particular adventure? Does he have his own agenda?

For a full bio for Dr. Jim Carew, please visit the "Gift of the Nile" page.


Lord Samuel Rudolph Sinister

Finding out about Johnny's latest discovery in a newspaper, Lord Sam Sinister is bound and determined to beat Johnny to this great find and add it to his private collection of treasure! With a bigger band of henchmen than before, including his hired Russian mercenaries, Lord Sinister is convinced that this time he will claim his prize once and for all!

For a full bio for Lord Sam Sinister, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.


Still with his inexplicable luck and without a brain, Patrick is ready for an all-new adventure! He's willing to drive on the opposite side of the road, talk like a cowboy, fly an airplane, and even drive a jungle cutter, just to make sure that Johnny and the adventurers never get the treasure! If only he didn't mess up so much...

For a full bio for Patrick, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

John "Six Shots" Parker

Brother to the late William "Billy the Kid" Parker, John "Six Shots" Parker is a crack shot with his dual pistols, usually getting any non-moving target. He's not the greatest with math and the physics of wind resistance, so moving targets are a bit of a challenge for him. However, he makes up for this with his wild lassoing abilities.

He lives with his parents, Alfred and Dove Parker, on Riding Crop Ranch in the heart of Texas. Here, he tends to the farm and performs chores, like milking the cows and rounding up the pigs. John also dresses like a cowboy, but doesn't take the cowboy lifestyle as seriously as Billy did. In fact, as much as John loves his brother, he thought Billy was silly for not wearing an oxygen tank when climbing Mt. Everest. Still, John is faithful to Lord Sinister and his men.

Thomas Skint

Thomas Skint is a thorough-bred video game nut. In fact, he is so nuts about video games, he thinks life is a video game. Any time he puts himself into danger, he always tries to work his way out using moves from his favorite video games. Can't do the dishes? To him, it's because there's an invisible wall between him and the sink. If you need him to get out his wallet, then you're going to have to wait for him to cycle through his inventory. In fact, he learned to fly by playing "Microsoft Flight Simulator."

However, because he mostly plays first-person shooters, he actually can be a capable henchman to Lord Sinister. In fact, he is willing to die for his boss, as he does not fear death. He just thinks he'll re-spawn!

Captain Vladimir Sugar

As the commander of Lord Sam Sinister's Russian Mercenaries, Captain Sugar has a large task to handle. Good thing he is very strict and one to dictate well, as he always knows the best maneuvers, the best strategies, and the most surprising attacks. The Russian Mercenaries are glad to have him as their leader, even though he can be very harsh; he even threatened to throw a cow in the Gulag for leaving dung in his path.

When out in the field, he has a very "shoot first, ask questions later" method to beating Johnny Thunder to the portal keys. But as long as his plan works, Lord Sinister isn't one to question his methods.

Steven Sever

A psychic and mystic who has wandered around the world, Steven Sever has stumbled upon Riding Crop Ranch in a meeting with Lord Sam Sinister that seems more than a coincidence. Joining his bungling crew of thieves and thugs, Steven is more than happy to help Lord Sinister beat Johnny to the Hidden Mysteries. He even proves his mettle by killing a goat with goat staring.

However, as Lord Sinister's quest for the treasure continues, Steven's behavior becomes a little...odd. While he is accurate to predict Johnny's next location, he has trouble seeing impending danger ahead of time. It may just be a quirk, but all will be revealed in time.

Senor Palomar

Beware the influence of Senor Palomar, a notorious South American crime boss! As an ally to Steven Sever, Senor Palomar is ruthless and unrelenting. Determined to destroy Johnny Thunder, he is quick to also ally with Lord Sinister in order to get his hands on the treasure!

In the meantime, Senor Palomar dictates his crime ring brutally, treating even his closest and most trustworthy assistants badly. On more than one occasion, he has shot some of his partners who haven't agreed with him, but he feels that's it's all in the name of keeping his crime ring together.

Rudo Villaino

As Senor Palomar's right-hand man, Rudo Villaino is a relentless and sometimes sarcastic criminal. He is able to pilot any ground vehicle in order to help his boss and his crime ring steal whatever they need or want. While he respects his boss and his position, Rudo sometimes wonders whether he would make a better leader, but doesn't tell Senor Palomar this. After all, Rudo's foolishness and his boss' weaponry always remind this driver why he is still Palomar's number 2.


Prof. James Digalot

Needing to get out of the museum for some time, the Legotown Museum's incompetent director James Digalot has joined Johnny Thunder and his friends in Spain to run with the bulls. He may not exactly understand what's going on, but he is eager to guess, usually making wrong assumptions. He'd better hope, for his sake, that he makes the right choice when the bulls come charging!

For a full bio for Prof. James Digalot, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

Jerry Digalot

James' near and dear cousin Jerry has come to Pamplona to check out the adventurers' vacation. Usually, he works as the cashier at the Legotown Museum, but has become slow to realize that he might be receiving a promotion in the near future.

Just as dim-witted as his cousin, Jerry Digalot finds himself more accustomed to menial labor, since his position at the museum was given more out of patronage than skill. However, he has used what knowledge he does have to bring announcements to Pamplona. Not only does he have news of a promotion for his cousin, he also has news of a discovery for Johnny Thunder! Receiving a text message from Dr. Kilroy, Jerry wants to inform them that Dr. Kilroy wants to see him in L'Ance Aux Meadows immediately! A grand adventure is about to begin!

Dan Brown

Staying in Pamplona in order to deliver his lecture series, Dan Brown just so happens to be in town during the Festival of San Fermin! This also means that Johnny Thunder, his family, and his friends are also in town! He may not be entirely happy to see his adventuring partner from the Orient Expedition, but he is still willing to share his knowledge with Johnny before he sets off for his adventure. It will especially come in handy on this adventure!

For a full bio for Dan Brown, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.


Gabarro is a Peruvian expert at piloting any boat, no matter how big or small. He is always eager to help anyone who is need of a boat and is sure to make sure that his boat is always in optimal condition. Yet, he also holds a secret that is far more ingrained into Johnny Thunder's past than the adventurers realize.


As the keeper of the blue squid portal key, Achu is a stoic and wise guardian. His origins are unknown, but it is said that he is as old as Machu Picchu itself. While other creatures, such as the plant monster, resort to violence to protect the Hidden Mysteries, Achu prefers to use riddles and puzzles to keep his secrets out of the wrong hands. He is usually peaceful and always wise, but please don't insult him, or you'll be seeing the wrong end of his spear!

Guardians of the Hidden Mysteries:

Dr. Daniel Thunder

Father to Johnny Thunder, Dr. Daniel Thunder once led a group of explorers that also worked to protect the secrets of the Hidden Mysteries. No matter what, they always swore to keep this ancient power out of the wrong hands, especially from an evil organization bent on world domination.

However, one night in Venice, this group was ambushed by an unknown assailant, who scattered the group, killing many of its members. Daniel almost escaped, but was ambushed at the last minute, killing him. In his dying words, he entrusted his colleague, Dr. Kilroy, with Johnny's life. Johnny Thunder now wears his father's hat.

Prof. Block Sauniere

Long before he was murdered in the Marco Polo Museum, Block Sauniere was a close associate to Dr. Daniel Thunder, working to protect the Hidden Mysteries. After the ambush in Venice, Block Sauniere was the first to report Lord Sinister's treachery to Dr. Kilroy. What he did at the Marco Polo Museum between that night and the night he was murdered is not entirely understood, but one thing is clear: he was protecting more than the Golden Dragon!

For a full bio for Block Sauniere, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.


Ancestor to Peruvian boat pilot Gabarro, Gabriel is another associate of Dr. Daniel Thunder. He is quick, decisive, and just as skilled at piloting a boat as his descendant. When the guardians get ambushed one night in Venice, Gabriel is the first to try to lead them out of harm's way!

Dr. Artimus Rhodes

Grandfather to Prof. Samantha Rhodes and Howard Rhodes, Artimus Rhodes is also a guardian of the Hidden Mysteries. Just like the other five members of his group that was ambushed that fateful night, Artimus Rhodes has dedicated his life to protecting the Hidden Mysteries. He would never let any villains grasp onto the knowledge that he knows!