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Vacation: Unlimited

Travel to the very best vacation hot spots with our year-long theme! Read the travel journal or watch the contest entries as we celebrate the excitement of vacationing! After all, what better way can you unwind than with a fun and exciting vacation?

NOTE: Vacation: Unlimited is now over. For full content, scroll down and follow the provided links.

Travel Journal

Check out our journal to trace our adventures with vacationing! Click the orange Blogger symbol below to access it!

Vacation: Unlimited Animation Contest

To celebrate summer vacation, we challenged Mustache Maniacs Film Co. fans to create an animation about a grand vacation! Where would you go if you could go anywhere? With this contest, you can now answer that question for yourself!

NOTE: This contest is now over. All entries are below.

Vacation: Unlimited Scrapbook Contest

Since we've all gone on vacation over the summer, why not share your journey with the world? Create a photo journal of your vacation and you could win an advance sneak peek at some of our upcoming films!

NOTE: This contest is now over. All entries are below.