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Johnny Thunder and the 
Secret of Marco Polo

In the first installment in the Johnny Thunder series, Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed Thunder, and Harry Cane are summoned to Venice when Dr. Charles Kilroy's friend and colleague Block Sauniere is murdered at the Marco Polo Museum. It is soon revealed the Block Sauniere knew about Marco Polo's greatest treasure: the grand Golden Dragon. The adventurers set off after it, but Lord Sam Sinister, along with bungling henchmen Billy the Kid, Patrick, and Nevada Smith, are after the treasure as well. To make matters worse, the crazed tyrant Chang Wu has led an uprising in China and only Chinese general Mao Zedong III can stop it. Who will get the Golden Dragon first?

Running time: 99 min.


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The Great Mountain Chase

In this classic game, you control the Aero Nomad as it travels up Mt. Everest. However, watch out for thunder storms and birds! On top of that, Lord Sinister and his henchmen are trying to slow you down! Can you make it to the top?

Note: The Great Mountain Chase is the property of the Lego group.

Quest for the Golden Dragon

The adventurers are at the bottom of the Dragon Fortress, trying to make it to the Golden Dragon! But first, you must get the three treasures and deal with Chang Wu's men! Are you up to the challenge?

Note: Quest for the Golden Dragon is the property of the Lego group.

Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo Knowledge Test

Now that you've seen the movie, why not take a quiz? See how well you know the events of the film and become a true adventurer!



Dr. Jonathon Henry Thunder

Johnny Thunder is a full time adventurer and archaeologist from the Land Down Under. He is brave, instinctive, determined and very creative. He always finds a way to solve problems, help people in need, and collect rare treasure and artifacts to enhance the understanding of ancient civilizations. He is married to daring photojournalist Pippin and is the father of college-aged daughter Sarah.

However, he is also haunted by his past, where his father disappeared when he was very young. Dr. Kilroy, who was witness to the events that led to this disappearance, once briefly told Johnny what happened, but Johnny vows one day to see the whole picture. Until then, he has to keep the world's treasures away from arch enemy Lord Sam Sinister.

Pippin Reed Thunder

Pippin is the wife of Johnny Thunder and a globe-trotting reporter for the international publication "World Magazine." Headstrong and sometimes argumentative (she doesn't like men telling her what to do just because she is female), she sometimes puts herself in danger...but she has plenty of courage and smarts to get herself out of danger, too! When she isn't completing feats of dare-doing, she also likes to tease Harry Cane, the adventurers' resident pilot, and help out her beloved Johnny in times of need. When she is not on an adventure, she also takes care of her daughter, Sarah Thunder. However, for this adventure, Sarah is in college, so she isn't able to come.

Dr. Charles Kilroy

Dr. Kilroy is a famous archaeologist and an expert on everything from ancient cultures to dinosaurs. Although he is getting along in years, Dr. Kilroy is willing to follow any adventure, no matter how dangerous or where it may lead. His intellect solves as many riddles as Johnny's bravery and physical strength. Because of his many years in archaeology, he has come to know several other scientists in the field, including Prof. Block Sauniere, Prof. Artimus Rhodes, Dr. Daniel Thunder (Johnny's Father), and Prof. Archibald Hale. These connections are actually how Johnny and Dr. Kilroy met. Since then, they have been the best of friends, going on expeditions together.

Harry Cane

A friend of Johnny and the adventurers, Harry owns the Cane Airlines Company and flies them for free around the world in exchange for joining them on adventures. While he does not dress to match the status he has in his business, he is still very uncertain about the outcome of an expedition. This usually results in a pessimistic rant with Pippin, who is usually very teasing.

Before he led an airline company, he was a soldier in the Vietnam War, fighting against the communists. His experiences in the jungle have lent well on adventures, but his uncertainty is still there.

Dan Brown

Real-life author of best sellers The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown is assisting Block Sauniere when a tragic murder occurs. Though slightly reluctant to go, he is thrust into an adventure with Johnny, putting his knowledge to work. While he may not be most impressed with Johnny (who just so happens to be Dan Brown's biggest fan), they find that they like each other, helping each other out on the adventure. This will certainly give him inspiration for a future novel!

Robert Teabing

Bold and willing to go on the adventure, Robert Teabing is another assistant to Block Sauniere. Though he would rather stay in one place usually rather than travel, he has made a special exception for this excursion. He feels that he must be part of this extraordinary find! Because of this, he tends to push the other adventurers along quickly, but Johnny and the rest nudge it off, assuming that he is just another enthusiastic adventurer.


Babloo is a brave Indian boy, with the talent for talking to animals. He has a special band with his monkey, Pampa and the elephants he take care of. He also helps Johnny and his friends on their adventure in the dangerous Indian jungle. However, he is also very cautious, as they are heading to what the locals call "The Sting of the Jungle." According to legend, the monster tiger Tygurah lives there. But, of course, that's only a legend...right?

Sherpa Sangye Dorje

Sangye Dorje, or  "Thundering Lion" in Tibetan, is a young Tibetan Sherpa, or mountain guide. He knows the mountains well, though is less comfortable when flying among the clouds in the Aero Nomad. He helps out Johnny and his friends when they get to Mount Everest and provides them with all the provisions they need. Also, because he has lived in the mountains all his life, he has no need for an oxygen tank, thus decreasing the burden for him. While that removed weight is replaced by all of the adventurers' supplies, he carries it up the mountains with confidence, certain that they will make it to their destination.

Jing Lee

Beware this hostile karate expert, who destroys anyone who crosses her master, Chang Wu! Actually, if you weren't fooled by that description, Jing Lee is a Chinese martial arts expert and an agent working with the Chinese army. Her father was shot (though he survived) for opposing the rule of the false emperor, Chang Wu. She becomes a friend and a great help to Johnny and his fellow adventurers. However, her status as a spy almost fools everyone, even the very tyrant she is working to take down!


Lord Samuel Rudolph Sinister

Lord Sam Sinister is Johnny's arch enemy. He is selfish and evil, with no limits to his ambition or greed. He has a huge private collection of ancient and valuable treasures from around the world and is always on the hunt for more. To help him find these ancient treasures, he has recruited a swarm of henchmen from the deepest dens of the crime world. While they aren't the smartest people around, Lord Sam Sinister does not mind, as they give him extra muscle. To him, as long as he gets his hands on a treasure before Johnny, then everything else doesn't matter.


Dumb and always one to talk, Patrick is one of Lord Sinister's longest-lasting henchman (which Lord Sam Sinister himself can't explain). Whenever the situation turns for the worst, Patrick always jumps in with a silly one-liner, which is almost always responded to with "Patrick, shut up!" The silliest part of all is that Patrick is so dumb, he does not even realize that what he is saying is dumb. Just how he has lasted this long in the heat of extreme adventure remains a mystery. Perhaps it's just dumb luck.

William "Billy the Kid" Parker

Taking the name of the famous outlaw, Billy the Kid is another one of Lord Sinister's henchmen and is every bit the cowboy. He chews, talks, walks, shoots, sleeps, and hunts like a real cowboy. In fact, his over-exaggerated cowboy tactics make him an appealing part of Lord Sinister's group of henchmen.

His strongest weakness is that he thinks that he is "too tough" for anything. If he's walking through poison ivy, he's too tough for ointment. If he falls into a wallow in a pig pen, he's too tough for a shower. If he gets a paper cut, he's too tough for a bandage. But, then again, it hasn't killed him yet, so his weakness may not be too bad...right?

Nevada Smith

Nevada Smith was once a student at the Explorer's Institute, where Dr. Kilroy once worked. In fact, Nevada Smith knew Johnny Thunder! However, to prove that he was a capable archaeologist, Nevada Smith took it upon himself to find the legendary tomb of Ramalamadingdong, an Egyptian priest. He hired Patrick, Billy the Kid, and two students to accompany him, but the group wound up trapped in the tomb! After eating the two students, Lord Sinister freed the trio while on a treasure hunt. Now this down and out archaeologist is in Lord Sinister's debt and immediately became one of his most trusted henchmen. He is ready to crush his former friend and take all the treasure he can find!

Emperor Chang Wu

Chang Wu is a greedy and ruthless Chinese mandarin who believes that he is the first emperor of China re-incarnated. He led and uprising and seized control of the city of Xi'an, which he rules with an iron fist and a large force of bodyguards and rebels. He is known as "the false emperor" by those over whom he rules, such as Jing Lee (even though she is undercover as his personal assistant). He has also enlisted Lord Sinister in finding the Gem of Fire, which will give him ultimate power. Through this hostile action, he has not only caught the attention of the Xi'an public, but the Chinese Government as well. Now forces are bearing down on this crazed tyrant, ready to end his terrible reign.

Ngan Pa

Ngan Pa is a greedy and ruthless Yeti hunter. He is happy to help Lord Sinister for a share of the treasure hidden in the mountains. He feels it will make up for his accident on the Swiss Expedition. According to him, everyone died except him at the hands of a vicious Yeti, which also ripped off his leg. Now with a peg leg and a thirst for blood, he is bound to destroy that Yeti once and for all, reaping retribution. He feels that, by aiding Lord Sinister, he can finally get his revenge and some treasure along the way.


As extra help in India, Lord Sinister hired this band of dirt-poor thieves. But he never thought that they would only steal melons! While they may not take any treasure, they do help Lord Sinister in his quest to find the Golden Shield. On top of that, they are also good with their hands. The thief in blue is also good at making sandwiches.


Prof. James Digalot

Curator of art and director of the LEGO City Museum, James Digalot is an oddball in his field. Even though he claims to know the name of every Edward Hopper painting, the name of every artist's wife, and the year Salvador Dali was born, he can't hang a painting right-side up for the life of him. However, if you try to correct him on anything, he'll become brash and insist that he's right, even if he isn't. He couldn't even impress the residents of Florence with his "knowledge" of Leonardo Da Vinci. If he is ever transferred to another museum, he might very well end up at the Smithsonian as an operator for their simulator ride.

Prof. Block Sauniere

This old Venetian scientist is friends with Dr. Kilroy and knows a secret that is almost half a millennial old. Only he knows this secret to protect it from profiteers, but what is it? The murder of Block Sauniere by a mystery man is about to ignite Johnny's biggest adventure yet!

General Mao Zedong III

This battle-hardened general commands the Chinese forces that have been sent to destroy Chang Wu and his rebels. He is no-nonsense, commands with dictation, and gets easily irritated when Colonel Mustard tries to stop the fighting with his peacekeeping forces. However, unlike most generals, Mao immerses himself into the heat of battle, giving orders to the men around him. Despite Colonel Mustard's pleas for peace, he is determined to crush Chang Wu's rebellion, no matter the cost.

Lieutenant Mong Hu

Mong Hu is Mao Zedong III's personal assistant. He carries his commanding officer's orders to the surrounding men, who carry them out with dictation. While working for his general, he also acts more as a voice of reason for the general, usually pointing out what may work and what won't. However, just like Mao, he is ready to lead his men into battle, crushing Chang Wu's forces and their allies.

Colonel Michelle Mustard

As the leader of the UN Peacekeeping Forces, Colonel Mustard tries endlessly to persuade General Mao to call off the attack on Chang Wu and the rebels. He tries to plead in the command hut, but he cannot persuade the general. Perhaps one day he'll get through, but until then, he'll have to sit, wait, and plea.

Shaman of the Mountains

This old and wise man lives high in the Himalayas, guarding the bridge to the Golden Sword. Any who dare cross the bridge to get the sword must answer three questions. If they fail, they fall to their doom. So far, no one has made it across the bridge, but the adventurers might just be the first!

Jing Loo

Driving this taxi through the streets of Xi'an is Jing Loo, bold brother to Jing Lee. He is always willing to take you to your destination, but never forgets his payment due! He knows the city like the back of his hand, which is exactly what the adventurers need when the Chinese army launches its attack on Chang Wu's men in the city!