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Mystery at Shady Acres

In this hysterical mystery-comedy, the wealthy British couple Edward and Blanche Fairfax have made their reservations for Shady Acres Hotel, an off-the-beaten-path hotel in the middle of New England. The hotel's staff, including hotel owner Henrietta Clifford, klutzy desk clerk Basil, and grumpy chef Stew LaRoache, are eager to have the celebrities at their hotel, but someone has slipped Blanche a sedative and has made off with her priceless diamond necklace! The police force, headed by Chief Della Wickfield, is hot on the case, but so is the incompetent Detective Philip Thorton! Is an all-out mystery to figure out whodunit where you become the detective in the all-new Shady Acres Super Sleuth intermission game! After witnessing the guests' arrivals, the dastardly crime, and the police interrogations, you get to navigate around Shady Acres, trying to crack the case. But is someone conspiring against you, determined to preserve the hotel's secrets and hide the solution? Could it be Alfred and Ingrid Brightham, an older couple who compulsively steal everything around them? Is it Audrey Rochester, that dashing secretary who was once engaged to Edward Fairfax? Was the necklace taken by Stanley Larson, a friend of Henrietta who can not pay off his hotel bill? Or was it taken by the hotel's underpaid staff? And just who is Mr. X, anyway?

Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado.

Running Time: 69 min.

Feature Film

Fun Zone

Shady Acres Super Sleuth

Now available to play independently, you become the detective in this quest to figure out "Whodunit" and discover the hotel's secrets. Scour the lobby, the hall, the guest and staff lounges, Mr. X's and the Brightham's rooms, and the dining room, picking up items and studying clues along the way! Will you figure out who took Mrs. Fairfax's necklace?

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Hotel Guests:

Edward Fairfax

Wealthy and famous for that reason, Edward Fairfax is a British millionaire who has accepted Miss Clifford's invitation to stay at Shady Acres. He carries a passion for hunting fowl (a passion that he displays on his neck tie) and loves the outdoors. It is this passion that convinced him to make a reservation at Shady Acres, unaware of the danger that it would prove to his wife's family's diamond necklace.

At one time, this courteous and down-to-Earth aristocrat was engaged to Audrey Rochester, an American he met at a London pub after a long duck hunt. They were engaged to be married, but his family disproved of the relationship, since Audrey did not have high status and wealth. Instead, Edward married Blanche, another British millionaire.

Blanche Fairfax

Blanche Fairfax is Edward's beautiful but snobbish wife, and is just as wealthy as he is. She prizes her jewelry and her diamond necklace, and proudly shows them off to the world. Unlike her husband, she prefers the cleanliness and excitement of urban life, preferring a trip to the opera over one of Edward's duck hunts.

It is because of this that she finds her stay at Shady Acres uncomfortable, to say the least. When she deals with Shady Acres' remoteness and rat problems, among other things, she longs for the Broadway shows, elegant meals, plush beds, and courteous service she could have had if she were staying in New York City. She probably wouldn't have had her necklace stolen in New York City, either!

Audrey Rochester

Audrey Rochester is a secretary who is also Edward Fairfax's ex-fiance. In her job, she has been known to gets things done with a strong dictation. Perhaps this is because she feels remorseful after Edward broke off his engagement for her in favor of Blanche. Then again, she has probably gotten over that.

It is then mere coincidence that she runs into Edward while staying at Shady Acres. She might be pained to see her one-time lover married to someone else, but she also is becoming attached to another guest, Stanley Larson. Whether or not a relationship materializes between the two is yet to be seen.

Stanley Larson

Stanley Larson is a charming but penniless guest who has been staying at the hotel for several weeks. While he waits for an advance from his brother to pay off his hotel bill, he has become accustomed to life at Shady Acres. He's familiar with the staff's routines and has even gotten to know a few of the guests that have come and gone. You could even say that he's taken up permanent residence at the hotel.

This, of course, brings up the inevitable question: why is he allowed to stay if he can't pay for his hotel bill? Most of the staff reason that they like his company and that he adds some excitement to the hotel when no one else is staying there. Regardless, if he's been there this long, then there's a good chance he won't be leaving anytime soon.

Albert and Ingrid Brightham

This elderly couple has come for a weekend of serenity at Shady Acres, but they have a major compulsion to take things! Pictures, bars of soap, towels, glasses, or curtains, if they can pick it up and fit it into their suitcases, they'll take it. This, of course, does not bode well for them when Blanche Fairfax's diamond necklace goes missing!

Mr. X

Who is Mr. X? No one staying at the hotel really knows. He just showed up one day, checked in, and kind of milled about the hotel. He has occasionally taken walks out in the countryside, but he usually spends most of his time either reading the latest newspaper or staying in his hotel room. Even during meal time, he always takes a table away from everyone else and continues to read the newspaper. Until his real identity is revealed, the hotel staff and guests can only speculate why he's there.

Hotel Staff:

Miss Henrietta Clifford

As the manager and head of operations at Shady Acres, Miss Henrietta Clifford has a lot on her mind when it comes to running her hotel. Since she is a little bit of a control freak, she always makes sure the maids are cleaning, bellhop Basil is checking people in, and chef Stew LaRoache is cooking in the kitchen. On top of that, she also likes to personally greet her guests, whether they be the wealthy Fairfaxs or the elderly Brighthams.

However, her hotel business has been doing poorly over the last few years, resulting in severe pay cuts for her staff. While they may complain about the poor pay, Miss Clifford knows that it is in the best interest of her hotel business. After all, how many people a year stay in a hotel secluded in the pine forests of Vermont, miles from any well-known town?


Middle-Eastern bellhop Basil is always at your service! Out of all of Henrietta's staff, Basil is her most loyal employee. He always follows her orders down to the letter and never makes exceptions. This has actually caused issues between the two in the past, but any issues are quickly resolved, since Basil only wants to do his best for the hotel.

Business can be slow at Shady Acres, so he also has a secret hobby: knitting. He stores his knitting kit under the reception desk, then pulls it all out when no one else is looking. Currently, he's making a scarf, but it's not turning out so well. But he knows that with more practice, he'll get better!

Stew LaRoache

Grumpy chef Stew LaRoache is Shady Acres' resident cook and takes pride in what he does. He considers his food top notch, and anyone who says otherwise is, to him, having a bad day. No matter what he makes, whether it be lasagna, burritos, or souffle, he always regards it among the best of cooking.

This thinking has, of course, resulted in an attitude problem. Out of all the Shady Acres staff, he is the most arguable and the most likely to get into a fight with Miss Clifford. Usually, when a guest complains about his food, he throws himself into a tirade, sharpening all of his knives. When Miss Clifford tries to calm him down, a fight between the two often occurs. If nothing else, Stew LaRoache may very well reject his bad pay and seek a job elsewhere.

Greta Whyte, Beth Morgan, and Lavinia Crawford

Greta, Beth, and Lavinia are the hotel's trio of maids. With their feather dusters, they're sure to get the hotel ready for the arrival of important guests, like Edward and Blanche Fairfax. They also clean the rooms, stock the showers with soap and shampoo, and decorate the rooms with scenic accents, like a basket of flowers. When their work is done, they like to lounge on the sofa in the lobby, reading the latest newspaper. They also like to scour the hotel for spare change to make up for their bad pay checks.

Shadyville Police Force:

Chief Della Wickfield

As the head of the Shadyville Police Force, Chief Della Wickfield is a no-nonsense police chief who works to get the case of the stolen necklace solved properly. She doesn't give up until a case is solved, but is very temperamental towards anyone interfering in the case-cracking process, especially if that someone is the inept Detective Thorton.

Even when she is pressing forward in a case without any issues, she still tries to solve a case as objectively as possible. This has, of course, had its issues, since the suspects her officers have questioned have accused them of verbally harassing them and being called crooks. But it's all part of routine questioning, like it or not.

Lieutenant Thelma Dorrit

Thelma Dorrit is Chief Wickfield's second-in-command and shares many traits with her boss. Just like Wickfield, Dorrit also works to objectively solve the case and gets highly annoyed by intruding distractions. While also a little stubborn, she works effectively to get her job done.

Sergeant Farley O'Doyle

Sergeant O'Doyle is another officer in the Shadyville Police Force. He is also committed to the case and is bound to solve it. He also adds some humor to the case and jokes a lot, which can get on Chief Wickfield's nerves. Despite this, he is a good officer who makes sure that they can get all the evidence they can find.

Officer Eleanor Black

Another officer in the Shadyville Police Force, Eleanor Black works with her co-workers to get the case solved. While she doesn't get involved as much as the rest of the police force, she still helps in any way she can, whether it be questioning or searching for fingerprints.

Philip Thorton Detective Agency:

Detective Philip Thorton

Detective Philip Thorton is a flamboyant, yet ineffective French private eye who is hired by Edward Fairfax to solve the mystery of the stolen necklace. With a twirl of his mustache and an aristocratic saunter, Thorton tries to impress the Shadyville Police Force, who are less than impressed with his antics. He even puts them up to a contest to see who can solve the case first.

Despite his efforts to bring a mystery to an end, he always seems to make nearly every mistake in the book. He's known to knock over furniture, make accusations too quickly, fiddle with objects, and get distracted. Most people call this his incompetence, but Thorton claims that he is just distracted by his own theme music, which he says follows him everywhere. There is still doubt about this, though.

Miss Emma Reid

Assistant to the buffoonish Detective Thorton, Emma Reid is much more effective and intelligent. She conducts the investigation by the books and makes sure that no piece of evidence slips through her fingers. With a notebook in one hand and pen in the other, she makes every effort to critically figure out the mystery of the stolen necklace.

In fact, she is so effective, she actually considers it embarrassing to be the assistant of someone as incompetent as Thorton. While he fumbles around, looking for the source of that non-existent theme music, she records all of the information needed. In fact, she one day dreams of starting her own detective agency. But until that day comes, she will work side-by-side with Thorton, trying to solve the case.