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Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle

Alpha Team is on a mission, and it's all going to be exciting! Ten years after their mission in Antarctica, the world believes that Ogel is dead, leaving Alpha Team to become pseudo-"soldiers of fortune" as they dispel terrorist groups and quell bomb threats around the world. However, they are about to get an interesting blast from the past when UN delegate Henry Cainman sends Alpha Team their next mission: to go to the Amazon Rainforest and find his daughter Whitney, whom he claims has been kidnapped! Traversing through the rugged jungle terrain, they soon find themselves face-to-face with adversaries old and new in their daring rescue mission! But who is that all-powerful being, and what is his role in the rest of Project U?

Running Time: 37 min.

Hidden Images:

Stagehand Visible: When Alpha Team begins their trek through the jungle, a PA is hiding behind a tree.

Hidden Character: When the sleeping quarters in the bandit camp topples, the Sleepyhead Collectible Minifigure jumps out and into a tree.

Stagehand Visible: As Cam fires a tracker beacon onto the Ogel Supply Truck, a studio firefighter creeps behind a tree. Look closely, because he disappears quickly.

Stagehand Visible: As Ogel talks to the agents in their cell, the boom mic falls into the frame before quickly rising off-screen again.

Stagehand Visible: Right before the agents escape the base, a cameraman in a camera go-cart can be seem poking through the foliage on the side of the road.

Stagehand Visible: When Baron Typhonus introduces himself to Mr. Cunningham, a PA can be seen poking out of the foliage right by him.


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Alpha Team Agents:

Dash Justice

Dash Justice is the leader of Alpha Team and is the team's motions and acrobatic expert. He is dedicated to his teammates, never letting them down. And while his cockiness has sometimes gotten on their nerves, the other agents look up to Dash as a figure of nobility and respect. Ever since he founded the team twenty years ago, he has dedicated his life to stopping the evil Ogel from taking over the world.

Cam Attaway

Cam Attaway is Alpha Team's motors expert and Dash's most trusted agent, as she is second-in-command. She is very tomboyish and she doesn't give much regard to making herself "feminine." Not worried too much about getting dirty, Cam keeps the team's vehicles running with her mechanical expertise, as well as builds new vehicles for the team to use, such as her in-progress turbocar. Out on the field, she is one of the team's most dependable agents.


Always optimistic and with a smile on his face, Flex is Alpha Team's ropes expert and is able to handle any string, rope, cable, wire, and extension cord that is given to him. He loves to make jokes, sometimes against the rest of the team's will, and even Dash admits that his charismatic nature can lighten the mood of even the most dire mission. When he is not out in the field, Flex is also the team's chef, preferring to make food himself over sticking TV dinners in the microwave.


Radia is Alpha Team's lasers and medical expert, giving her the right mix of action and behind-the-lines work that she desires. She typically follows Dash's orders to the letter unless she is hesitant to surrender to any enemy, regardless of how advanced they are. She dislikes being held captive (she thinks it makes her look weak and vulnerable) and tries in any way to be on the delivering end of any blows she delivers to Alpha Team's enemies. Being the team's doctor, she also looks out for the other agents.


Charge is Alpha Team's electrical expert and expert at stealth. He can build a simple computer out of random metal parts and can sneak past enemy defenses without being detected. He is also one of the most powerful agents on the team, which came about after he disappeared mysteriously in 2008. Despite Alpha Team's best efforts, he was nowhere to be found until a year later. However, with this came a strange side effect: he's completely emotionless (or at least pretends to be that way). Even though he does not talk about what happened, he is still dedicated to the team, even if he sometimes lets his ego do the talking.


As the explosives expert for Alpha Team, you would expect Crunch to be a pyromaniac. However, he is just as level-headed as any other member of Alpha Team. In fact, while he embraces the action, he also loves the quieter moments of life, such as the time between missions. He has a secret crush on lasers expert Radia, but is too nervous to admit this to anyone else on the team. Only Cam knows, and that's because she was able to figure it out from reading his body language. Because of his strong emotional bond to the team, he will do anything to keep his teammates and the world safe from the forces of evil.


One of Alpha Team's newer agents, Zed is the team's expert in reconnaissance and performing rescue missions. He usually stays at Alpha Team HQ and is only called into action during an emergency. He's the type of guy who hits fast, hits hard, and hits first, which is why he is usually a last resort. However, at base, he gets pretty bored, so whenever Diamond Tooth needs someone to escort him on a recruit retrieval run, Zed is always the first to volunteer.

Diamond Tooth

As Alpha Team's drill sergeant, Diamond Tooth's job is to train any new recruits that come on board, so that they will be prepared to face whatever danger comes their way. He's no-nonsense and lacks any sense of humor, making his every action based on preparedness and combat. Because of this, he's hard on the rest of the team during training, but it's all because he knows that a good training session could be the difference between life and death.


Gearbox doesn't do much on the team, but since he was once employed as a security guard, he's typically trusted to guard the base when the team's away. Wanting to expand his horizons, he's also developed a relationship with Cam so that he can repair the team's vehicles, as well as build new ones. Perviously, he's built one vehicle: the Tundra Tracker. However, after the Antarctica mission, it hasn't seen much use. He's also good at housekeeping.

Steve Kenlow

Wanting to become Alpha Team's newest agent, Steve Kenlow has sent his resume to the team in hopes of joining. He's young, fresh out of college, and ready to take on the world, but perhaps loves the excitement of being a secret agent over his responsibilites. Only time will tell if this young hot-head has what it takes to be an Alpha Team agent!

Villains and Henchmen:


Not much is known about this evil megalomaniac, but it is known that he was once a scientist who was ridiculed and stripped of his fame for being too radical and absurd in his experiments. Now bitter at the whole world, he'll stop at nothing to rule the world, no matter how daunting his schemes are. Being opposed by Alpha Team, he has lost some limbs along the way, but after the Antarctica mission, many people think that he's dead. It seems that the world can rest easy, but a new mission is about to give Alpha Team a blast from the past!


Formerly an Alpha Team agent, Arrow revealed at the end of the Antarctica mission that he was actually a spy working for Ogel! Wanting to kill off the entire team, he was stopped short when the bullet from an unknown assassin killed him instead. Alpha Team does not know who killed Arrow, but what they do know is that, during his time on the team, he was always regarded as being detached and secluded from reality, but still skilled in espionage. Now that Alpha Team knows the truth, they at least know where he learned these skills!

Drone Commander 13666

This drone is Ogel's right-hand man and the leader of the skeleton drone army. At one time, he was a high-ranking lieutenant, but was mutated into a drone during Ogel's first experiments. Still conscious of his military prowess, Drone Commander 13666 is able to set about and execute strategies to combat Alpha Team and assist Ogel in his plans to rule the world. While no stronger than any other drone, his ability to effortlessly lead Ogel's entire drone army on missions of conquest is enough to keep even Alpha Team on their guard!

Mr. Bruce Cunningham

Formerly a member of Senor Palomar's South American crime ring, Mr. Cunningham has since detached his bandit gang from the outside world, paranoid that the Club of Rome wants him dead. Living with his gang in their flood-proofed stilted camp, Mr. Cunningham thinks that his bandits will be left alone and can overcome anyone who comes their way. However, he never expects Alpha Team to show up at his doorstep!

Baron Typhonus

Who is Baron Typhonus, a powerful being that has appeared in the jungle? Only a few know, and they know that this baron rules chaos and lives on destruction! He has allied with Mr. Cunningham and his bandits, but only time will tell if this destructive force will ever team up with the evil Ogel!