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Late for the Soccer Match

In this entry to's Kitchen Sink contest, soccer team captain Peter Whitman is late for the championship soccer game! With strong determination, he vows to get there, regardless of the cost. He's willing to take a jet ski, get blown into the air with dynamite, hitch a ride on a train, and even travel back in time through a wormhole, just to make it on time! With several hilarious and wacky combinations, it's rarely the same movie twice! How will you get there? Watch it in 3-D! This video is now closed-captioned for the hearing impaired!

Running Time: Approximately 3 min. (depends on variation)

Hidden Images:

Hidden Character: As the camera pans over the soccer stadium at the very beginning, you can see the Bunny Suit Guy sitting in the far bleachers.

Special Prop: When Peter Whitman gets off the bus at the Winter Village bus stop, you can just barely make out the poster for An Afternoon at the Zoo attached to the said bus stop.

Stagehand Visible: When Peter Whitman gets blown into the air with dynamite, you can see a cameraman controlling a large camera rig, filming the action.

Stagehand Visible: When the trolley slows to a stop in Space Port, a cameraman can be seen filming the action.

Stagehand Visible: When Peter Whitman lands in the prehistoric jungle, you can see another cameraman driving a camera car.

Stagehand Visible: As Peter Whitman drives a speedboat out in the open sea, he passes Lighthouse Island. On this island is a key grip, who is adjusting a spotlight.

Stagehand Visible: When Peter Whitman talks to the life guard, there is a boom operator standing on the structure behind them. Only the legs and the microphone are really visible.

Awards: 2nd place winner - Kitchen Sink

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Peter Whitman

As team captain of the soccer team, the Hot Shots, Peter Whitman has a lot on his mind. When out on the field, he is responsible for devising the best strategy for winning the game and keeping the soccer ball out of his goal at the same time. His is very serious, disciplined, and realistic about the game and his life.

Why, then, is he late for the soccer game today? Obviously he slept in, but he's the type of person who is up and ready 5 hours before he even needs to be there. Whatever the cause, he is under a lot of stress and is determined to get there as soon as possible, even if he doesn't make a few good judgments along the way!

Wendy Simmons

TBC's star reporter is live at the Legotown Soccer Stadium! Wendy Simmons is a very happy-go-lucky reporter who gives each and every report with vigorous enthusiasm. In the past, she has reported live from places as far out as Cairo, Egypt, as well as provide a commentary for a recent awards show. Now she has a bright new outfit, which makes her stand out in the crowd. No matter the situation, she approaches her job with happiness and joy.

Ulysses S. Powell

Ulysses is a veteran of the American Civil War and a man with big ambitions. He loves to invent and push the boundaries of science, knowing that the next breakthrough is just around the corner. He also tried to invent a flying machine, but the results sent through a time portal to the Cretaceous Period. Now he uses his inventiveness just to survive. However, when another visitor from the future stops by, Ulysses sees his chance to escape!