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Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile

In this official sequel to Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed Thunder, and Sarah Thunder get a letter from famed Egyptologist Hiram Aziz, who says that he found something on the mummy of Ramses III. Along with Dr. Kilroy and Harry Cane, the adventurers head off to Egypt. There, they find out that Hiram has found a map leading to the long-lost giver of life, the Heart of Osiris. However, Lord Sam Sinister and Patrick are back to claim the treasure! And this time, they have hired Russian Mercenaries and the Egyptian black market on their side! It's an all-out race to Abu Simbel to find the fabled treasure!

Running time: 57 min.

Hidden Images:

Special Prop: inside Jim Carew's Office, you can clearly see on his computer screen that he is logged on to

Stagehand Visible: When we first see the Legotown Airport, the assistant director can be seen lounging at the bottom of the frame.

Hidden Character: At the very beginning of the shot where the bus pulls up to the Egyptian Museum, you can see Pepper Roni from LEGO Island standing in the background.

Stagehand Visible: When we look at the impressive facade of the Egyptian Museum, you can see a production assistant in a ground level window.

Special Prop: When the bandit is about to stab Johnny, you can see the Heart of the Magic Shield from LEGO Knight's Kingdom (2) in a display case.

Special Prop: When Hiram Aziz presents his digital copy of the map, he is standing next to the Ark of the Covenant.

Hidden Characters: When Lord Sinister and his men squeal away from the Egyptian Museum, a Power Miner and an A-Wing Pilot are standing across the street.

Hidden Character: When Slyboots speeds off, a coast guard officer is standing behind the jeep.

Hidden Character: After the bus speeds up and the two pursuing jeeps catch up, we see the bus speed down the road, with Pippin shooting at the bandits. During this shot, you can (briefly) see Mutt Williams.

Stagehand Visible: Right after the shot described above is a tracking shot of the bus. During this tracking shot, you can see the lighting equipment in the background.

Hidden Character: Standing next to the fruit stand that gets trashed is Legoman from The Adventures of Legoman.

Special Prop: Attached to the bus stop for Cairo Tower is a poster for the classic brickfilm, Star Wars: the Great Disturbance.

Special Prop: There are some posters in Cairo Port, including one for the ill-fated cruise ship company White Star Line, made famous by the Titanic and Lusitania.

Stagehand Visible: Just before we see the villains camping for the first time, we see a sphinx. Next to this sphinx is a grip man handling a barrel.

Hidden Characters: When we see a Luxor carriage pass by for the first time, we can also see an Indian eating an apple and Flex standing at the bottom of the screen.

Stagehand Visible: After the bus passes in Luxor, you can see a wind machine sitting next to a wall for the Luxor Temple.

Hidden Character: Right before Lord Sinister and his men show up in front of the Winter Palace Hotel in Luxor, you can see Billy Lugosi from Forest of Fear sniffing the flowers.

Special Prop: When Said Ahma walks into the fight on the top deck, he is holding the Samuel Adams bottle from Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo.

Stagehand Visible: When Pippin says "Good idea. Let's go there right now," the boom operator is standing on the stairs behind her.

Hidden Character: When we see the establishing shot of Aswan, a Hoth Rebel Trooper can be seen standing on the street.

Hidden Character: When we see the junkyard in Aswan for the first time, Alpha Team leader Dash is rummaging through a pile of trash.

Special Props: Throughout the junkyard are random parts, including a crossbow, an Atlantis diving helmet, and an Aquazone Stingray helmet.

Stagehand Visible: When all of the villains ambush Johnny and his friends, you can see a grip man behind Lord Sinister.


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The Lost Ruby: An Interactive Adventure

You're on an adventure with the famous Johnny Thunder in Egypt! A tomb has been discovered, and you're the first one to explore it and find the Pharaoh's treasure! Be careful, though. This tomb is filled with traps and is haunted by the mummy's curse! One false move and you'll have to start over! Can you brave the dangers of the tomb? 

Which one of Lord Sinister's Henchmen are You?

In the Johnny Thunder movies, Lord Sinister has a colorful assortment of henchmen. Find out in this quiz which one is most like you!



Dr. Jonathon Henry Thunder

Johnny Thunder is back and ready for more action! His daughter Sarah is now on break from college and his beautiful wife Pippin has just finished her latest article for World Magazine. However, he is about to receive a letter that will send him, his family, and his friends on an unforgettable adventure in Egypt!

For a full bio for Dr. Jonathon Henry Thunder, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

Pippin Reed Thunder

As Johnny's beautiful wife and reporter for World Magazine, Pippin is always ready to go on another adventure. However, she doesn't expect an adventure quite like this one! It's going to be her most dangerous adventure yet!

For a full bio for Pippin Reed Thunder, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

Dr. Charles Kilroy

As an expert in history, Dr. Kilroy becomes excited when Johnny tells him that they're going to Egypt to meet famed Egyptologist Hiram Aziz. Dr. Kilroy has visited the Land of the Pharaohs several times in his past, but nothing has prepared him for what he'll encounter on this visit! There is going to be danger at every corner!

For a full bio for Dr. Charles Kilroy, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

Sarah Thunder

Just like her parents, Johnny and Pippin, Sarah Thunder loves adventuring and exploring the uncharted corners of the world (which, because of the latest advances in technology, are few and far between). She is brave, resourceful, and kind of heart, even if she can't stand James Digalot.

While she is upset that she wasn't able to go on the quest for the Golden Dragon, she is still excited about a trip to Egypt. She knows that an important find is to be made and that Lord Sam Sinister and his pesky henchmen won't be around. But if they do show up, Sarah will make them wish that they had never done so!

Harry Cane

Still an aviator and just as pessimistic as ever, Harry Cane is eager to join the adventurers when Johnny calls him up about the letter from Hiram Aziz. Though certain that something is bound to go wrong, Harry nonetheless still joins the quest for the Heart of Osiris.

For a full bio for Harry Cane, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

Dr. Hiram Aziz

Hiram Aziz is a famed Egyptologist who works at the famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt. He's known for discovering and identifying several mummies, including that of long-forgotten Pharaoh Hotep, and has uncovered many treasures from the past. He usually works on preservation and cataloging at the Egyptian Museum, but has also gone out to the dig sites to uncover the remains of the past.

Along with this experience, he also brings along etiquette. He likes to travel in luxury when possible, and tries to keep himself and his work space as clean as possible. Because he isn't the type who gets dirty and messy, he calls Johnny in when he finds an amazing discovery on the mummy of Ramses III.


Lord Samuel Rudolph Sinister

After getting stranded in China with Patrick at the end of Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, Lord Sinister vowed to get away with the help of henchman Horatio Schmidt. After acquiring new weapons from an illegal gun shop, this crafty villain is back in the game, ready to find out where Johnny is going next!

For a full bio for Lord Samuel Rudolph Sinister, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.


After the crush of Chang Wu and his rebels, Patrick was the one of the only three accomplices to escape the Dragon Fortress (the other two were Lord Sinister and Horatio Schmidt). After a long and cold trek through Siberia, Patrick is eager to welcome the much warmer climate in Egypt. However, he has no idea that he'll soon be going after his master's arch enemy once again!

For a full bio for Patrick, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

Horatio Schmidt

Another one of Lord Sam Sinister's henchmen, Horatio Schmidt is an obedient, yet reasonable, accomplice. He tries his best to help his master, even if those decisions don't turn out for the best. It is once said that Lord Sinister found this man while in an alley in Cape Town, and that his great uncle is the famous Prof. Archibald Hale, but no one, not even Horatio himself, can confirm these rumors.

What is known is that Horatio has been with Lord Sinister's gang for as long as he can remember. He even aided Chang Wu, the false emperor, and was part of the trio that escaped Mao Zedong III at the Dragon Fortress (Lord Sinister and Patrick were the other two). Horatio is a survivalist and is very smart, even if he doesn't have a lot of common sense.

Sally Schmidt

Long-lost sister to Horatio, Sally Schmidt was separated from her older brother at a very young age and was cast out into the world, forced to fend for herself. Throughout her odd and eventful life, she has had to work as a shepherd, a hog girl, a ticket taker for a circus, and a net maker, just to get by. Eventually, she came upon Vladnichuk's store and remained there until Lord Sam Sinister shows up with her brother, giving her another chance at life.

Now that she works alongside one the archaeology world's most reviled villains, she has become accustomed to the easy life. Letting the memories of the past flutter away, she takes a liking to the luxuries of the present, which may be her undoing.


Slyboots is a selfish and greedy leader in the Egyptian black market. Hired by Lord Sinister as an assistant and guide, he is more than willing to help him find the fabled Heart of Osiris for all the profit it will give him. His aim in life is to steal as much treasure as possible for resale on the black market, no matter the cost. With an army of bandits at his command and secret spies throughout Egypt ready to report to him, he is going to be more than a match for the Adventurers! He will stop at nothing to get his hands on the precious jewel!



Vladnichuk is a Russian illegal arms dealer that operates his store out of an abandoned Soviet bunker in Siberia. Along with his assistant Sally Schmidt and his small army-for-hire, he makes sure that his store stays as hidden as possible (for obvious reasons). He is very grumpy and never gives a discount to anyone; the listed price to him is final.

While currently on vacation, Vladnichuk's mercenaries also have a commander, Captain Vladimir Sugar. Perhaps Lord Sinister, who just bought out everything in his store, will one day enlist his services. But, until then, Vladnichuk needs to restock his store. If only Sally hadn't run off...

Prof. James Digalot

As director of the Legotown Museum of Natural History, Science, and the Arts, James Digalot has a lot to worry about with his job. He needs to organize the museum, make sure the staff is in order, and inadvertently continue to remind people why they don't like him. However, he has enough time to let Johnny know that Hiram Aziz has summoned him to Egypt to interpret an amazing discovery!

For a full bio for Prof. James Digalot, please visit the "Secret of Marco Polo" page.

Dr. Jim Carew

Curator of Native American Culture and Artifacts and friend to Johnny Thunder, Dr. Jim Carew is a more reclusive, mysterious, archaeologist. His last expedition was several years ago, when he went to New Mexico to look for some truth behind the legends of Spanish gold there. He only found a rattlesnake bite, and has stayed behind the scenes since.

However, even though he has remained at the museum for several years, he vows one day to go back out into the field. While he feels Egypt may not the best bet for him, he thinks that he will one day find the greatest treasure of all! What that will be he does not know, but he knows that the time will eventually present itself.

Said Ahma

This friendly custodian is certain to make sure you get the most out of your trip on a Thomas Cook Holidays cruise. He'll provide for anything you need and help out any way he can. He likes to do everything he does to his best effort to make his passengers happy. If you need stationary, he has it. Want new bed sheets? He took care of that yesterday. He even cleans each and every bathroom every day. He's certain to make your cruise a pleasant and happy one.


This excited and chatty preserver works at the Mummification Museum in Luxor, Egypt. Currently, her assigned task is to care for a mysterious tablet while it awaits shipment to Cairo. Fortunately, her efforts to preserve this tablet are exactly what the adventurers need!

Historical Figures:

Pharaoh Ramses III

From 1186 to 1155 B.C.E., Ramses III ruled as Pharaoh of Egypt. During this time, Egypt was besieged by invaders, including the tribal Sea Peoples. However, Ramses III never lost sight of victory and drove the invaders away. By doing so, he accumulated honor for his battle tactics and the ingenuity of the Egyptian army.

However, his reign was also plagued by internal strife and economic instability. One of his wives, Tiye, even conspired to kill him. This resulted in the well-documented Harem Conspiracy, which involved many of the members of the royal court. They were all captured, found guilty in the court, and sentenced to death. Because of this turmoil, it is said that the Heart of Osiris, his greatest treasure, had to be moved to a safe location. Whether or not the legend is real is what the adventurers are about to find out!


While serving as the chief of the chambers to Ramses III, Pebekkamen played a major role in the Harem Conspiracy to assassinate the pharaoh and place Tiye's son Pentawere on the throne. However, their plans failed. They, including Pebekkamen, were all placed under arrest and executed for their crimes.