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Forest of Fear

What happens when you make a wrong turn onto a dirt road out in the middle of rural Georgia? That's what happens to vacationing couple Mary and Leo when an incorrect construction detour sign points the wrong way! Soon, they're running into all sorts of frightful sights, including a hitchhiker who is really a werewolf, the vampire Count Werdna and saytr Torgo who run a funeral home, the mad scientist Billy Lugosi and hunchbacked assistant Igor, and a backwoods community where playing banjos and burning down the windmill are common past times! Will Mary and Leo escape this forest, or will the monsters get them?

Running Time: 18 min.


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Which Monster Are You?

While in the forest, Mary and Leo encounter several terrifying monsters. Find out which one you are most like!

Monster-ous Quiz

Do you think you know which monster is which? Test your memory of the monsters from Forest of Fear and see if you could become a monster hunter like Arthur Van Helbrick!



Leo Rawlins

Husband to Mary and a wealthy restaurant owner, Leo is a man who is all business. With all the work he does to keep his New England restaurant in tip-top shape, it is surprising that he has found time to go on vacation with his wife. However, he has found the time, so off they go in their vacation jeep, heading south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Leo is also a man who strongly does not believe in the supernatural. For him, everything can be explained. If he sees a ghost, then it must be either a man in a bed sheet or a spot of light. He also says werewolves are people in costume and vampires are albino aristocrats who are wearing those cheap plastic fangs you can buy at the 99 cent store. While he may be right most of the time, it won't help him on this spooky vacation!

Mary Rawlins

As Leo's wife, Mary helps with the New England restaurant that the couple runs. Though just as hard-working as Leo, she acts more as the brains of the couple. She works out their finances, organizes the books, and makes sure that all the payments are paid off. With all this hard work, it is no surprise that she's taking a vacation with Leo to see the South.

However, when they follow the incorrect detour sign, Mary believes in all the horrors she sees. She can tell right off that Count Werdna is a vampire, Torgo is a satyr, and the monster is...well...a monster. While she can't get Leo to believe in what they see, she is undoubtedly determined to get them out of this forest!


The Monster

The monster is Billy Lugosi's latest creation. Created using the parts of corpses and mechanical gadgets, this green-skinned creation is ready to follow his master's orders. He cannot talk (his language skills consist solely of grunts and groans), but can understand what is going on around him. His biggest fear is fire, he is prone to attract the attention of an angry mob, and loves to wrestle inside the local windmill. Though not instinctively brutal, this creature is immensely strong and very unpredictable.


By day, he is a normal resident of the nearby town Howling Hollow who somehow has an unusual liking for hound dogs and rare meat. However, when the full moon rises at night once a month, he transforms into a bloodthirsty and relentless werewolf! Howling at the moon, he stalks the dark forest, preying on rabbits, goats, and sheep. He has also been known to devour residents of Howling Hollow, but they have learned that this creature can be disciplined with a rolled-up newspaper and some silver bullets. If you see this monster coming your way, run!

Count Werdna

Hundreds of years ago, this fine gentleman was an elegant aristocrat. Then one day, he was attacked by a vampire (he claims that the fiendish Lord Vampyre is responsible for his current state)! Now a vampire himself, Count Werdna was one of the first people to immigrate to North America when it was first settled. Having established a funeral home in what is now Georgia, he has kept himself occupied along with his servants, which have changed over time. If you do find yourself a guest to this blood-sucker, do not be lured in by his wit and "bite."


Torgo is a satyr and the most recent caretaker for Count Werdna's Funeral Home. He stumbles around with a staff to keep him upright and counterbalance his giant kneecaps. Despite this, he is very efficient in keeping up the funeral home and making sure everything is in tip-top shape, just as long as he gets a good paycheck. Out of all the monsters that inhabit this forest, this one is certainly the least frightening.

Forest Inhabitants:

Billy Lugosi

Billy Lugosi started his science career at the Bradford Rant Institute of Cosmic Kinesis, but resigned after turning the corpse of the hamster Black Bear into a giant monster. Disgruntled over his rude treatment, he packed up, hired his assistant Igor, and set up shop deep in the forest. Now, with machines and body parts, he makes monster after monster. He is satisfied that he finally has success.

However, his science experiments get everyone in the nearby town Howling Hollow upset. Usually, his monsters get chased away by the angry mob and somehow causes the local windmill to burn down. However, he is not ready to give up on his experiments. Those townsfolk just don't understand science!


As Billy Lugosi's hunch-backed assistant, Igor mostly runs around the laboratory, fetching potions, chemicals, and the brain in a jar. However, he is actually more sound of mind than Billy Lugosi. Usually, Igor spends his time asking how something is going to work if the conditions aren't right, which results in Billy getting upset at himself. With all of the work that Igor provides, there is no telling where Billy would be without him.

Arthur Van Helbrick

A skilled monster hunter who has trained with the legendary Dr. Rodney Rathbone, Arthur Van Helbrick is an expert in all monsters and how to defeat them. He always carries around his trusty crossbow and his other monster-fighting gadgets, including a batch of garlic, silver stakes, silver bullets, silver spears, a pocket mirror, and more. He is always around to defend the inhabitants of Howling Hollow from the inhabitants of the surrounding woods.

His past is a mysterious one, though. If he's old enough to have trained with Dr. Rodney Rathbone, then why does he look like he's still thirty years old? Perhaps one day he'll tell what happened in his past and why he's here now, but until then, he will keep those monsters at bay.

Sheriff Barley

Sheriff Barley is the sheriff of Howling Hollow, and it's his job to keep the peace...that is, unless an angry mob forms to destroy Billy Lugosi's monster. In that case, Sheriff Barley pulls out his baton and joins the mob. However, when there is no angry mob about, he is certain to make sure that no pig-napping, shoplifting, or tractor racing happens in town. As long as it doesn't involve destroying monsters, Sheriff Barley always holds up the right hand of the law.

Hotel Owner

Eccentric and friendly, the hotel owner runs the Washboard Inn in downtown Howling Hollow. If he's not part of the angry mob, the hotel owner is willing to check you in to his backwoods hotel. He's also willing to check you out...that is, if you stick around.