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Reviews for The Adventures of Legoman


Aaron Bulger:
The Adventures of Legoman tries really hard to be funny. It continually harks back to the Adam West/Burt Ward days of Batman, with its appropriation of said theme song, its campy dialogue, and its use of sound effect title cards. Unfortunately, the constant comparison does not favor this brickfilm, as its dialogue just isn't funny enough to provoke laughter. The inconsistency of the voice acting did not help in this regard, as many lines just aren't delivered well enough to pull off - though some voices were surprisingly competent. Technical specs are nothing special, with decent cinematography... and poor image quality. It seems to this reviewer, that [this] brickfilm is, at least, a nice try.

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TLF Scarheart:

Some parts made me laugh, but at other jokes I just slapped my forehead. 
The words for the weapons were wonderfully witty and went well with the theme of the clown...Darn now you've got me talking like that.
So far we've seen nada on the super powers front, and I'm sure watchers are anxious to know whether Legoman is a super don't know you're preference...super being or just has a bunch of gadgets.
The first girl that was shown being interrogated really needed to work on her line. She sounded like she was just reading them.
The commercial at the end was funny! If I may make a suggestion if you haven't already done so, why don't you make some of the commercials be for the Legoman toys from you're blog?

You should have come up with the name for the yellow things they shot. But the car chase was well done. pretty suspenseful for a kid's story. Over all I give the movie a 3 star. Well done.

From YouTube Inbox:


The Adventures of Legoman, How could you go wrong with a title like that? Well, you can't...besides the fact that it's only one of no more adventures. Anyway, the film is just GENIUS. JUST GENIUS. The way the film starts up is absolutely fantastic, from there, it's just as fantastic, and the finale is...well, you guessed it: FANTASTIC. Let me just give my 5 favorite things about this movie: 1) The Script 2) The Batman-style approach 3) The Characters 4) The Action 5) The Design. Those are just some of the many things I enjoyed. This film is just SO COOL to look at. The Abandoned Rubber Chicken Factory, The Legocave, all of it is just so cool looking. This was up to par with Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo. If they made more 'Adventures of Legoman' (A Friend of the Police did not count, nor satisfy for me), I would have been the 'first in line' to see them.

Rating: 5/5

Reviews for Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo

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Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, being MMFC's first [animated] film, is very well done. It has very impressive action sequences, likable characters, a great plot, and plenty of laughs along the way. It does best what it does best.

Rating: 5/5

From YouTube Inbox:

TLF Scarheart:

Part 1: Murder In Venice

Great job on you're Johnny Thunder movie. I'm seeing a lot of good things a lot of people leave out. However I do have a few suggestions.
      First you need to work on you're sound. It was always either so quiet I couldn't hear it or so loud I had to cover my ears.
      Second the villain scene was a little long. Try to focus more on the heroes.

Part 2: Call to Adventure

Much better on the sound, though the music and the works got jumbled up at the end and I couldn't here what Dr. Kilroy, Johnny, and Harry were saying. I'm probably not one to talk, but it's best to have voices the loudest, sound effects (like gunshots) second loudest and background music just below that. 
      As for the story itself, it's taken a bit of a dive action wise but that may just be because this was an info set (a part for information only). You've got the characters down pat, which is another part people sometimes seem to miss, though Pippin is usually a tad more boyish.
      keep up the good work. I'll be on September 2 for sure. Two questions though.
1. What's with the diarrhea?
2. Who's the person reading from Marco Polo's book?
      Okay, the first one you don't have to answer in the story, but you might want to address the second one.

Part 3: Arrival in India

Looks like you finally got you're sound sorted out. Crystal clear! And that's saying something. I've got a cold and can't hear very well right now.
      Big laughs! You sure know how to make a sick girl feel better. Two ringers Though.
      1. I think it's pronounced Bah-blue
2. I thought that "melon thief" was the Maharajah and Babloo was a slave. you sure are changing the story. Still I'm satisfied that the main characters are untouched. 
      Also I'm curious as to why Jing Lee is working for Sinister (and why she sounds like a south park character). But I'm sure that'll reveal itself in the story.

Part 4: Betrayal
sound quality: perfect though the evil laugh didn't fit Robert's voice.
      pronunciation: EXCELLENT! I half expected you to pronounce tygurah wrong like everyone else does. I'm impressed.
      The cliff hanger was well done. watchers are gonna be glued to youtube September 11th. 
      the only real ringer I found was, unless I heard wrong, you referred to (Fredrick's?) book as a coloring book and then as a comic book. Also the whole things at the beginning about where the palace would be located made no sense at all, but that have just been humor.

Part 5: The Sting of the Jungle

er...not the best end to a jungle adventure I've ever seen. For one it was very short. and there were a few things I would have added. It's a bit late now, but it may help for future reference.
      1. Pippin and Dan never explained how the found the others. nor Did anyone thank them for the rescue. Johnny and his mates are pretty polite, so it seemed a bit out of character.
      2. You may have wanted to go a little deeper into Marco polo's story (the Chinese writing). you kinda left us hanging for no reason.
      3. this doesn't particularly have to so with part 5 but at some point it may be a good idea to have Dan learn that Johnny's an orphan and that Sam killed his father. All good Johnny Thunder stories include that.
      4. Monster scenes are more exciting when it's the hero that's in danger. No one cares if the villain is under attack but if it looked like Johnny or one of his mates is in the line of Anyway that makes the scenes better.
      Sorry I know that's more criticism than usual, but I'm honestly just trying to help you make a good movie.
      I did like all the guns weapons and the magazine out of the enemies pockets. The idea of threatening a cow was very well thought of. The Rudolf thing was funny as well. You're very good at adding humor to even the most serious situations.

Part 6: Terror in the Skies

 I don't have very many complaints today. I understand backscreaning without anything showing is difficult, and you did a much better job then I would have (under breath: if I knew how)
      The more common word for hape is mountain sickness by the way, and as I said in the comments "Schnell" means Fire as in fire a gun. Not hurry.
      I liked Dan's reaction to seeing his book. I'm often the same way when it come to my website. You portray the pressures of being famous well. I also like how you gave Nagan Pa a background story that was still relatively close to his original character. 
      Also it's good to know you're not making Pippin the weak one just because she's a girl. Some writers do that and it makes me want to strangle them.

Part 7: Of Yetis and H.A.P.E.

First off some of the dialogue got all mushed up together when the adventurers are talking after the base camp robbery. Same goes for the yeti scene. I could hear them but I couldn't understand them. Also Johnny says too things wrong. First he says "Why did you shoot him?" when I'm sure he meant didn't. also he says I wonder where Lord Sinister is up to. 
      Second, I did a little research on H.A.P.E. I was a little disappointed that you only put in one symptom. For future reference other symptoms include vomiting, dizziness, and fatigue. From what you put in it sounded more like he had pneumonia, which I've heard is also often common to mountain climbers.
It was again a bit short. A little more action would have been nice. Also you never revealed what happened to nagn's brother. 

Part 8: The Temple of Mount Everest
      The bridge collapse was well done in animation and suspense, but I do have a ringer. Dan asks if Johnny's alright when the bridge first collapses. That's polite and all, but a bit unnecessary. If Johnny's holding on chances are he's not hurt. If he's landed on a ledge or something it would have been more appropriate to ask if he was alright. would have been better if one of the team simply cried out johnny's name in fear for his safety.
      Also I didn't understand what johnny said once he was safe. I mean the taking for clear, but I didn't understand what he meant. Dr. Kilroy or Pippin should have explained it to Dan for those of us who aren't so fluent in zoology.
      other then that well done. Great suspense. Harry and Pippin's moment made me laugh so hard I had to stop the video so I wouldn't miss anything. The mountain guy was good too.

Part 9: Prepare for Battle

I couldn't help but smile at the mau sa tong (did I spell that right?) part. Also I'm glad Jing Lee's still a freedom fighter. She had me fooled there for a while until I looked at the commercial and saw her fighting Chang Wu. I love her blunt attitude. 
      Sorry if i'm babbling a bit. my mental conditions acting up a little.
      anyway two ringers today. 
      1. Johnny is a Mr. not a Dr. Johnny isn't the archaeologist, professor guy. Dr. Kilroy is. johnny's just a treasure hunter presumably. Though I suspect you were going after "Dr. Livingstone I presume," and/or succumbing to the common misconception of johnny being based off Indiana Jones, but Jing Lee could have just said "Mr. Thunder I presume"
      2. It was short again. Though that may be for the better right now with me in this state. However you may want to have put in HOW Chang Wu figured out Jing Lee was a spy. Also Dr. Kilroy could have given Dan a little more information on China.

Part 10: The Battle for Xi'an

okay, I respect that this is you're favorite. But personally i wasn't too keen. I'm like colonel mustard, I hate fighting. i won't go into detail on that though. it's all personal taste, and I'm not one to try and stop that.
      I had to stop the film and laugh at the Sam Adams thing, but I also recognized the quote from Indy. Look despite similarities the two are not very connected, and I think people should look at Johnny Thunder as Johnny Thunder, not a Lego Indiana Jones.
      I loved Dan and Johnny teaming up. Reminded me a bit of my first dream about Johnny when we did something similar. Dan is sure learning how to do this sort of thing. His character has developed. That’s good. Dan's voice actor needs a slight tune up on his acting skills though. his "defend yourself" and when he tells them jing lee was captured should have been shouted, not spoken.
      Also the graphics were bad during the night scenes.

Part 11: Infiltrating the Dragon Fortress

This part was funny! I was laughing through a good half of it.
      I like how you really got close on Johnny's personality as an adventurer and hero. A little cocky but willing to admit his fears. Gets upset when he loses a treasure (I put why in the comments because I feel it's something important to establish). Yet he's still the most compassionate minifig ever. 
      The magic was brilliantly done. Most people have trouble putting those special effects in, but you just NAILED it. Well done!
      Only two ringers today. 
      1. I think jun-chi is pronounced joon-chee.
2. You never established Dr. Kilroy's condition at the end. was he alright? Was he injured? knocked out? killed? (hopefully not the last one). you should have had even a 2 second scene where you make that more clear. Dr. Kilroy could have said "I'm alright" or "my (arm, leg, shoulder etc.) has been injured. Or Pippin could have said "he's knocked out" or if he died simply "No..."

Part 12: The Golden Dragon

I have one major ring though. We see Dr. Kilroy knocked over by the axe and then out of no where he's alright? Also how did jing lee figure out about the dragon. Obviously they needed a resting spot for Dr. Kilroy to recover and things to be explained to her that you left out. 
      Also why'd the emperor get so old. that just makes no sense.
      I loved how you showed the Golden Dragon's finding through. 
      I like the solving of the riddle. I take things literally so I probably would have agreed with Patrick...not that i'm stupid or anything...even if I am mentally disabled.

Part 13: Departure and End Credits

Well there's not much to say except THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST ENDING EVER!


I'm a little upset that you won't be working with Johnny anymore, but I know I can't stop you from doing other wise.
      You're quite a writer and a wonderful stop animator. You music selections were top notch. My only major complaint is you left some important bits out. Also most good johnny thunder writers like to mention at least at one point that he's an orphan because some fans believe that's a huge part of his character.

Reviews for Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile

From YouTube Inbox:


Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile, being the much anticipated sequel to the previous film, Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, is the film you know you want to see because not only is it the sequel, but it also looks so good. Upon seeing the trailers for this film, I was pretty psyched. When I first saw the film, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Coming back to it lately, My thoughts have changed quite a bit. I now see the film has not a disappointing sequel, but a sequel that takes most of what was already established in the first film, but does less with it and nothing more. My main problems with the film were that 1) It was short. WAY too short. There could have been a lot more that could have gone on. 2) It isn't quite adventurous as the first film. 3) It wasn't like the first film.
It's still an enjoyable film to watch, even though there are some things that weren't as perfect as they could have been, it is still good, but not great, in a lot of ways. It's the adventure of a lifetime that isn't really that big enough the adventure of a lifetime.

Rating: 3.5/5

From YouTube Inbox:

TLF Scarheart:

I loved how you dressed the Egyptian soldiers. I also thought you cast well for Sarah. As always the jokes left me laughing.
      My only con was Dr. Kilroy spoke a bit to fast when telling about the war and the heart of Osiris.
you're movie is turning out great! the volume levels are well balanced, the facts of Egypt are interesting and fun (nice inside joke on moving the monument). and me and my sister are both using "Patrick, shut up" as an indicator to say the other is getting annoying.
      There's only two things i can really say. 1st of you were slow to introduce Sarah by names. keep in mind not everyone reads your blog. Second, while there maybe more than one way to pronounce it, i think papyrus is pronounced pah-pie-rus.
      One scene in your movie cheered up my mom. She had just dealt with a very difficult lady while trying to get my drivers license (and failing) just before part 4 came out. I showed her the scene with the difficult travel agent and she was able to see the humor in the situation. thanks for my sake and hers.

I think part 6 is the best part. Lots of take offs, but it's difficult not to do that with a life giving treasure. It was smart of you to kill Horatio and Sally in the same part. Otherwise there would have been to much sympathy for the villains for a sibling to lose a sibling.
It was short, and a bit slow, but the strong ending made it great. Also of course plenty of laughs both from me and my little sister (my favorite part is Sam losing it after Patrick mentions his mom's Christmas delights).

Reviews for Forest of Fear

From YouTube Inbox:


Hi everyone, this is my review of Forest of Fear.

Plot: I felt like the plot was not as well-developed as other plots in mustache maniac films. The reasons for this are because i felt like it was WAY too simple. While it does have some interesting scenes, the plot is way too full of different perspectives, almost like last year's Pre-Winter 3D film, "Happy Feet 2". Also, the entire film itself is pretty bland, not to mention the forgettable ending, which ended at the same place in which the film began!
      Score: 2/5

Characters: I felt like there were really only few characters that I REALLY liked the most, such as Dracula, his butler, The Mad Scientist, his assistant, Frankenstein and the Werewolf. The rest, although well-developed, were not very likable in my opinion. Those characters were: Mary and Leo, The Angry Mob and anyone else who i didn't list.
      Score: 2/5

Voices: I felt like the film had a HUGE lack of great voicing, which is a problem. So many characters' voices just didn't fit the characters themselves.
      Score: 1/5

Writing: I felt like although the script had a lot of effort put into it, it didn't pay off (no offense). Like i said before in the Plot category, there were too many different perspectives. The film seems to go nowhere with the script. Why you might ask? Well, it's because of the level of energy the script. There was nothing scary about the script, for there was mainly only comic-relief. In the end, i thought that the script was a total mess.
      Score: 1.75/5

Comedy: I felt like the film's comic relief was not funny one bit. I didn't enjoy the comic style (this was due to the voice actors) nor the jokes. The comedy is apparently bland at it's most for this film.
      Score: 0/5

Action: I felt like the film had a main lack of action in it, but the film did have few action moments, but they weren't good enough to impress me.
      Score: 0.5/5

Sets: I thought that all of the sets captured the mood and tone the film was trying to set, which is good. The sets had incredible detail and design, so i guess this category is all cleared.
      Score: 5/5

Cinematography: Like all of Mustache Maniac's films, they each have high-quality cinematography and camera angles.
      Score: 5/5

Editing/Effects: I felt like the editing was well done, due to the Stop-motion, song choices, special effects, sound effects and backgrounds.
      Score: 5/5

Overall: While Forest of Fear has excellent Sets, Cinematography, Effects and Editing, it suffers from a poor plot, characters, script, comic relief and voice acting. There is obviously room for improvement (lots of it) if a sequel is to be made.

Reviews for A Very Patrick Christmas

From YouTube Inbox:


Hi everyone, this is my review of A Very Patrick Christmas.

Plot: I felt like the plot was really, really strong thanks to great character development, a well developed story and a strong narrative.
      Score: 5/5

Characters: I felt like every single character in the film was perfect thanks to their character development, sense of humor, acting and costumes. I also like how there are some characters that appear only in Part 2 (with the exception of Lord Sam Sinister) that make the comic relief stand out more than the film itself.
      Score: 5/5

Voices: I felt like each voice really fit their characters, due to having no lack of energy, which makes the film go along without a non-energetic voice.
      Score: 5/5

Writing: I felt like the script was perfect, due to the amount of comic relief and character development that could happen in a short amount of time. The script really claims itself as a comedy, just by hearing the hilarious and memorable lines, such as "Patrick, Shut Up" "Patricia, Shut Up!" (there's more too.) 
      Score: 5/5

Comedy: I felt like there was no lack of comedy, which is the best thing about this film. All of the voices match the comedic style their characters have. Also, every joke hits the bulls-eye!
      Score: 5/5

Sets: i felt like every set had a perfect design, weather it was Patrick's house, The Bus Stop, The Town's center, they were all well-designed and built.
      Score: 5/5

Cinematography: Like all other Mustache Maniac Films, the cinematography quality and angles are perfect.
      Score: 5/5

Editing: I felt like the editing was suburb, thanks to great stop-motion, visuals, sound effects and music.
      Score: 5/5

Overall: A Very Patrick Christmas is Mustache Maniac's best holiday-themed shot film yet! It contains the perfect Plot, Script, Characters, Voice Acting, Sets, Cinematography, Editing and Comic Relief to make up such a perfect film.