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Animation Reels

Intro to Animation Test Reel

Collected here are the beginner projects from MEA 106 (Intro to Animation) at College of the Canyons, taught by Pavel Vogler! This reel contains three clips: Morphing HandMoon Bear Makes a Friend, and Farmer John Hard at Work.

Running Time: 1 min.

Animation Reel 2

Featuring animation from MEA 135, Computer Animation and Special Effects, taught by Jeff Baker at College of the Canyons, this reel includes First Brick Drop, Advanced Brick Drop, Bat Hits Ball, The Cargo Helicopter, and Chugging Train Engine.

Running Time: 1 min.

Motion Design Collection

Created for GMD 173, Motion Design, taught by Lin Wilde at College of the Canyons, this collection of animations were created especially for this class. Check out all of these animations created with only the best software and tools, including a kinetic dialogue project based on LEGO City Undercover!

Running Time: 2.5 min.