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The Adventures of Legoman

Based on the short stories by Andrew Bermudez, this film tells about crime-fighter Legoman and his quest to stop nefarious criminal Brickzo the Clown from destroying Legotown's City Hall! Brickzo the Clown has stolen the gold of Wu-Wa-Pu from the Legotown Museum! Using the gold, he will make a golden exploding rubber chicken that will destroy city hall! Will Legoman save the day, or will the colossal, civic city hall become rubber chicken rubbish?

Running Time: 16 min.

Hidden Images:

Special Prop: When Brickzo's tongue-twisting trick tulip causes a guest to graciously gasp and gag, you can see the Golden Dragon from Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo on display.

Stagehand Visible: In the same shot described above, a second unit supervisor can be seen standing behind the Golden Dragon.

Gold Brick: When Brickzo the Clown says so long to Legoman, who has just been tied to an exploding rubber chicken, you can see a gold brick sitting in the yellow vat behind Brickzo.

Special Prop: When Lobo is firing bubbles from the getaway clown car, you can see the movie poster for Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo as a billboard.

Special Prop: When Legoman drives in front of the movie theater, you can see a banner hanging on the theater for the classic brickfilm, The Citizen of the Year.


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Legoman and Police Force:


On normal days, he is the tycoon Theodore Parkington. But when evil-doers strike Legotown, he dons his tights and cape and becomes Legoman, defender of justice and enemy of the city's worst criminals! In his Legomobile, he speeds off to the scene of a crime and puts a stop to any fowl play. This is especially true if his arch nemesis, Brickzo the Clown, is responsible.

When he is not pursuing Legotown's most wanted, he spends time in his Legocave, trying to analyze evidence and give him a lead on where the crooks are going next. He also goes to the Legocave if he needs a break. He can relax in either the Lego Hot tub or the Lego Hammock, or can change out of his costume and head back up to Parkington Manor.

Captain Bill Stewart

As chief of the Legotown Police Force, Captain Bill is a very serious officer who is committed to stopping any criminal. When Legoman first showed up on the scene several years back, Captain Bill tried to resist his help. However, now that they know each other, they now can easily rely on each other when it comes to stopping any crook.

As with all things, though, Captain Bill has a personal vendetta against the crook The Flamingo, pink-feathered egg poacher and bird-napper. Perhaps they knew each other in the past before The Flamingo turned to a life of crime, but that is not certain.

Officer Max Denver

Bold, always of service, and sensible to humor, Officer Max is Captain Bill's personal assistant. He may look grumpy with his thick mustache and frown, but don't let that fool you. He is always willing to optimistically do his job, whether it be collecting evidence or gathering fingerprints.

On top of all that, he also has a strong funny bone. Even in situations where the direction of the case seems hopeless, he always likes to crack a joke, which can sometimes get on Captain Bill's nerves. However, when it comes time to chase down the bad guys, Officer Max is committed to the end.


Brickzo the Clown

Once a professional clown, Larry Thimble turned to a life of crime when he thought his talents weren't being appreciated at the circus and birthday parties. Wearing crazy green hair and tacky clothes to match, he menaces Legotown with his arsenal of clownish gadgets, like a machine gun that shoots rubber chickens, rubber clown ladder, exploding golf balls, and a clown gun that shoots bubbles.

His main arch enemy is Legoman, who arrives just in time to stop his clownish schemes. He may not have won yet, but Brickzo will never stop trying, no matter how hard it is!


Strongman who is more brawn than brain, Lobo is one of Brickzo's henchmen. He is very loyal to the end and is always willing to fight Legoman. Whether he be in an abandoned rubber chicken factory or out on the street, Lobo always fights first, then asks questions later.


Dressed more tastelessly than Brickzo, Pogo is a very bouncy henchman. He loves to use Brickzo's rubber weapons and exploding golf balls. With his exaggerated smile across his face, Pogo always serves Brickzo in fighting Legoman, though Pogo doesn't like to get his hands dirty.


Almost as dangerous as any regular crook, Hobo is a very intelligent henchman and right hand man to Brickzo. He is always behind Brickzo when it comes time to commit a crime and shows no mercy against the police and Legoman whenever they come on the scene. This is a truly dangerous henchman that one must watch out for.