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A Very Patrick Christmas

Feature Film

Behind the Scenes

It's Christmas time, and what better way to celebrate the season than with the cast and crew from the film Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile? In this satirical Christmas special, the TBC News crew provides coverage of the filming for Johnny Thunder 2. Then, the action comes home... to Patrick's House, as he goes home to his parents for the Holidays. He's even brought a guest along, who is more than reluctant to come. Let the yuletide joy begin!
Running Time: 12 min.

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Dumb and always one to talk, Patrick is one of Lord Sinister's longest-lasting henchman (which Lord Sam Sinister himself can't explain). Whenever the situation turns for the worst, Patrick always jumps in with a silly one-liner, which is almost always responded to with "Patrick, shut up!" The silliest part of all is that Patrick is so dumb, he does not even realize that what he is saying is dumb. Just how he has lasted this long in the heat of extreme adventure remains a mystery; perhaps it's just dumb luck.

Lord Samuel Rudolph Sinister

Lord Sam Sinister is Johnny's arch enemy. He is selfish and evil, with no limits to his ambition or greed. He has a huge private collection of ancient and valuable treasures from around the world and is always on the hunt for more. To help him find these ancient treasures, he has recruited a swarm of henchmen from the deepest dens of the crime world. While they aren't the smartest people around, Lord Sam Sinister does not mind, as they give him extra muscle. To him, as long as he gets his hands on a treasure before Johnny, then everything else doesn't matter.

Wendy Simmons

TBC's star reporter is live on the set for Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s latest blockbuster! Wendy Simmons is a very happy-go-lucky reporter who gives each and every report with vigorous enthusiasm. In the past, she has reported live from places as far out as Cairo, Egypt, as well as provide a commentary for a recent awards show. No matter the situation, she approaches her job with happiness and joy.