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Project U-Build Play Set Adventures

NOTE: In order to open any set file, you must have LEGO Digital Designer installed on your computer. Only instructions and set schematics are provided. You must provide your own pieces.

Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen

Build all-new sets based on this hilarious and beloved play! This collection of sets feature a wide variety of pirates, a pirate ship, and several sets that connect together to create Treasure Island, complete with its own stash of booty!

DINO ATTACK: Saga of a Conflict

Build a wide array of sets based on this new comic series, which features many heroes and villains in an epic struggle for the fate of the world! Battle for victory with these various locations, vehicles, and characters!

Collectible Characters

40000: Series 1 - Ten Years of Going Crazy! - To celebrate our tenth anniversary, collect these unique characters from some of Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s hit movies! This introductory series features 16 Mustache Maniacs Film Co. characters for you to collect and build! From pirates and henchmen to photographers and directors, this series includes Central Island Librarian, Coast Guard Woman, Seth Masterson, Wendy Simmons, Vladnichuk, Snaggle, Vita Curtis, Shaman of the Mountains, Baron Von Stuka, Ramses III, Classic Billy the Kid, Farmer John, Willie Swipe, Evil Henchman, The Old Pirate, and Vacation Stew LaRoach. Ages 6-14. Contains 112 pieces.

40001: Series 2 - LEGO Island: The Animated Series - A brand-new animated web series was coming in 2016, and we're ready to commemorate it with 16 all-new characters from the show that you can collect! Each character is designed to look exactly like their on-screen likeness and each one comes with an accessory, allowing for lots of fun! Filled with chefs, thieves, police officers, and mechanics, this series includes Mama Brickolini, Papa Brickolini, Pepper Roni, Luna Rom, Nick Brick, Laura Brick, Gideon Worse, Snap Lockitt, Dorothy Funberg, Glen Funberg, Bill Ding, The Brickster, Nubby Stevens, Nancy Nubbins, Valarie Stubbins, and Darren. Ages 6-14. Contains 107 pieces.

40002: Series 3 - Deleted Characters - In an unusual twist, celebrate the fall with sixteen new collectible characters that never saw the light of day! These characters in this series were either cut out of a finished production, or were featured in a never-released film! Created using existing production documents, concept art, and old notes, this new series features the best characters never made! From monsters and spies to farmers and hit men, this series includes Shoe Shiner, Crazy Ali, Juniper, O-T 3, Park Ranger Tim, Boxer, Pumpkin Man, Dracula’s Wife, Lois Banks, The Obliterator, Studs O’Riley, Alfred Parker, Samantha Redbrick, Donald Spinney, Ranger Robert, and Tim. Ages 6-14. Contains 98 pieces.

40003: Series 4 - Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Classics -  Celebrate the new year with sixteen all-new Mustache Maniacs Film Co. characters! These are characters that will either go great with past or upcoming sets or on their own! From drivers and mascots to pirates and spies, this series includes James, Snoot, Jerry Digalot, Bank Robber, Martha Parker, Porkins, Chicken Merchant, Paramedic, Sneak, Rude Boy, Marion Gilward, Vikki Von Stuka, Museum Preserver, Gamer Thomas Skint, Mustache Max, and Ranger 22. Ages 6-14. Contains 102 pieces.

40004: Series 5 - DINO ATTACK: Saga of a Conflict - BZPower's DINO ATTACK RPG comes to life with these sixteen all-new minifigures! Representing characters created by the game's players, these minifigures depict both sides of the conflict that will come to life with the upcoming comics "DINO ATTACK: Saga of a Conflict!" From soldiers and civilians to medics and scientists, this series includes Jim ”Spy” Covalent, Dietrich “Medic” Luzwheit, Ivan “Heavy” Tzenovich, Bob “Scout” Rutherford, Wallace Bishop, Rockford, Kareem Nazareno, Oswald Fabello, Holly Vinyaya, Dr. Strangebrick, Nicholas Saran, Dr. Walter Breen, Mary Rose, Loop, Zelda Frodongan, and Barry Jackson. Ages 6-14. Contains 107 pieces.

Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle

30032: Jungle Ambush - Uh, oh! Mr. Cunningham's jungle bandits have ambushed Alpha Team! Is there any way out for the secret agents? Turn the bushes to reveal the bandits hiding, then have the criminals spring out from behind to capture the team! Includes 4 minifigures: Flex, Crunch, and 2 Jungle Bandits, plus Monkey. Ages 6-14. Contains 55 pieces.

30033: Ogel Supply Truck - As the team makes their way through the jungle, a supply truck filled with cargo is seen travelling down a newly-created road. Where is it going? That's what Charge wants to find out! Hide him behind the plant until the truck gets close enough, then slide Charge underneath the truck and attach him to the exposed studs so that he can ride along! Includes 3 minifigures: Charge, Drone Guard 52918, and Drone Truck Driver 70813. Ages 6-14. Contains 177 pieces.

30034: Brazil Airfield Hanger - Alpha Team has come to this airfield to land their plane so that they can begin their search for Whitney! Open the hanger door and remove the roof to access the inside, including repair bay and work bench with an assortment of tools. Outside, repair a jet engine with the worker by wheeling it to the lift arm, then hoist the engine into the air to make it good as new! Includes 4 minifigures: Dash, Radia, Cam, and Airfield Worker. Ages 7-14. Contains 161 pieces.

30035: Alpha Team Sonic Jet - Fly to the far reaches of the Earth to engage in missions to keep the world in balance! Open the jet to access the inside, including cockpit, radar bay, monitors, controls, and more. If hostile forces come your way, fire the dual spring-loaded shooters to keep the enemy at bay! Includes 4 minifigures: Dash, Crunch, Flex, and Gearbox. Ages 7-14. Contains 227 pieces.

30036: Bandit Encampment - Mr. Cunningham thinks that he can hold Alpha Team in his prison hut, but his captives are about to prove him wrong! Escape from the hut with the ladder that leads to the ground, but don't set off the alarm! If you do, Mr. Cunningham will release his dogs! Get back to your ATV and escape, but watch out! Hit the supports for the huts and the buildings will crash to the ground! If you come under fire, use the included plants for cover. Includes 6 minifigures: Dash, Flex, Cam, Mr. Cunningham, and 2 Jungle Bandits, plus 2 dogs. Ages 7-14. Contains 428 pieces.

30037: Ogel's Jungle Fortress - The status of Alpha Team's hunt for Whitney Cainman has just become critical, as they have unexpectedly found Ogel's newest base! This detailed play set features functions, details, and characters straight from the hit movie! Sneak into the base with Dash, Charge, Radia, and Cam and see what Ogel is up to, but don't get caught by the drones, or you'll end up in the prison cell. If you do, break open the wall and escape! Inside the orb factory, turn the knobs to move orbs along the assembly line and into the special containment chamber. Make a fake distress call in the studio to lure Alpha Team into Ogel's trap! If Alpha Team stops Ogel's plans, use the hidden lever to destroy the observation tower and put Ogel in the rocket to make his escape! He'll be back. Count on it! Includes 9 minifigures: Dash, Charge, Radia, Cam, Ogel, 2 Drone Guards, Drone Commander 13666, and Henry Cainman, along with 4 orbs. Ages 8-14. Contains 1,142 pieces.

Attack of the Fifty-Foot Hamster

30016: Billy's Attic Lab - Taking the carcass of Black Bear the hamster to his examination table, Billy Lugosi is ready to experiment on the small mammal! Pull the lever to charge up the lightning rod and fire the electricity ray at the table, bringing Black Bear back from the dead! But will Billy regret his decision? Turn the hinge to reconfigure the diorama! Includes Billy Lugosi minifigure, plus small Black Bear. Ages 6-14. Contains 55 pieces.
30019: Black Bear vs. Nana Street-Side Showdown - Billy's giant hamster is destroying the city, eating anything it can grab! Not even police officers Walter Parker and Bill Stewart or Billy's lab partner Henrietta William can stop it! In a situation like this, only karate expert Nana can save the day! Use her secret catapult to launch her at the hamster to wrestle it! Who will win this epic battle? Includes 4 minifigures: Bill Stewart, Walter Parker, Nana, and Dr. Henrietta William. Ages 7-14. Contains 552 pieces.

Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo

30000: Chinese Army Battle Pack - Take back the city of Xi'an from Chang Wu's rebels with the Chinese Army Battle Pack! Mao Zedong III's aid is ready to lead his hardened soldiers into battle against the rebels. Navigate around the scattered boxes and over the rubble barricade to unleash the full force on the rebels and send them back to their fortress! Features boxes and rubble barricade with removable debris. Includes 4 minifigures: Aid and 3 Chinese Soldiers. Ages 6-14. Contains 65 pieces.
30001: Rebel Battle Pack - Chang Wu's rebels have taken shelter inside a destroyed building, ready to ambush the Chinese Army and destroy Mao Zedong III's forces! Position a rebel at the roof-mounted machine gun, then send out the rebel baker to fillet the troops! Or, you can send the motorcycle rebel on a scouting mission to send reports on the Chinese Army's movements. Features destroyed wall section with machine gun nest and a crate to store weapons, along with a motorcycle. Includes 4 minifigures: Rebel Baker, Motorcycle Rebel, and 2 Rebels. Ages 6-14. Contains 69 pieces.
30004: Marco Polo Museum - Johnny, Dr. Kilroy, and Dan Brown are investigating the murder of Block Sauniere when they are met by a man named Robert Teabing. Conduct your investigation in both the main exhibit hall with paintings, fireplace, and display case, and in Block Sauniere's office, complete with desk with lamp and map. Pull on one of the fixtures next to the fireplace to release the secret hiding spot and uncover Marco Polo's lost diary! A grand adventure is about to begin! Includes 5 minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Dr. Kilroy, Dan Brown, Block Sauniere, and Robert Teabing with his hood disguise. Ages 8-14. Contains 200 pieces.
30005: Ruins of the Scorpion Village - The adventurers have found the site where the Scorpion Palace is hidden, and are ready to go exploring! However, the villains got there first, so watch your back! Ride with Babloo in the elephant's houda, or sneak inside the villains' tent to look for clues. Find the treasure in the ruined shrine, but watch out for the evil excavation worker! Includes 7 minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Harry Cane, Dr. Kilroy, Babloo, Patrick, Nevada Smith, and Excavation Worker. Ages 8-14. Contains 254 pieces.
30007: The Battle for Xi'an - As the adventurers leave the Coughing Dragon Opera House, Mao Zedong III and his forces attack the city, starting this massive battle! Hire Jing Loo to try to escape the mayhem, but go after Jing Lee as well, who has been captured! Use Mao's tank and helicopter to destroy Chang Wu's command center, then chase the tyrant out of the city! In the meantime, engage the rebels and Lord Sinister's men with the troops as Col. Mustard drives around the city. Build this ultimate battle scene to recreate the climax of Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo! Includes 20 minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed Thunder, Harry Cane, Jing Lee, Dan Brown, Mao Zedong III, Mong Hu, Jing Loo, Lord Sam Sinister, Patrick, Chang Wu, Horatio Schmidt, Col. Mustard, 2 Chinese Soldiers, 2 Fortress Guards, UN Peacekeeper, and 2 Rebels. Ages 8-14. Contains 1,326 pieces.

Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile

30002: Chase in Abu Simbel - As Johnny Thunder and Harry Cane discover the hiding place of the Heart of Osiris, Lord Sam Sinister and Sally Schmidt arrive to steal the treasure! Quick, hijack the villains' jeep and speed off through the temple, escaping through the secret door! Once out in the Hypostle Hall, whip the jewel out of Lord Sinister's hands, then press the hidden lever to send the crate of explosives and Sally flying! Just remember to keep the artifacts intact. Includes 4 minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Harry Cane, Lord Sam Sinister, and Sally Schmidt. Ages 7-14. Contains 230 pieces.
30003: Cairo Pursuit - Oh, no! The villains have stolen the map and are escaping! Taking over a public bus, Johnny and Pippin are right on their heels. However, Lord Sinister's Russian Mercenaries are in hot pursuit, ready to destroy the bus! Press the hidden levers to pop off the windows so that Johnny and Pippin can defend the bus. Will the mercenaries catch up to them, or will the adventurers send their jeep out of control and right into the traffic light? Includes 6 minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed Thunder, Bus Driver, Bus Passenger, and 2 Russian Mercenaries. Ages 7-14. Contains 271 pieces.
30006: Attack on the Nile - The adventurers think they may be safe on the cruise ship, but Slyboots and his allies are about to prove to them otherwise! Taking a raft, the villains are raiding the cruise ship, ready to find the adventurers' rubbing. Fend them off with Johnny, Sarah, and Hiram and their combat skills, but watch out for the Preserver's sword! Will the villains find the rubbing? Will the ship's host, Said Ahma, come to their aid? Will Patrick do something silly again? Stop those villains, but also watch out for the crocodile in the water! Both ships really float! Includes 9 minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Sarah Thunder, Hiram Aziz, Said Ahma, Ship Captain, Lord Sam Sinister, Patrick, Slyboots, and Pirate Preserver. Ages 7-14. Contains 535 pieces.

Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients

30008: Fish Guardian Attack - In search of the green portal key, Johnny and Sarah have come across a skeleton of an ancient sea creature. Seeing the key inside, they pry at the bony rib cage, but they didn't expect a fishy guardian to attack them! Launch the fish guardian from his catapult, then fight him off with the adventurers' spear guns! Don't forget to grab the portal key and treasure chest full of jewels as you escape! Includes 3 minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Sarah Thunder, and Fish Guardian. Ages 6-14. Contains 66 pieces.

30009: Running of the Bulls - It's a lovely day in Pamplona, Spain as the Adventurers get ready to participate in the city's most famous event: the Running of the Bulls! Get Johnny Thunder and his Mozo friends ready to run when the bulls come charging, but watch out for the boxes left in the street! Place a bull in the special launcher, pull back the lever, and send those bulls charging into the crowd! Professor Digalot had better watch his back! Also features storefront facade for additional fun! Includes 5 minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Sarah Thunder, Lance Spears, James Digalot, and Mozo. Ages 6-14. Contains 147 pieces.

30010: Black Church - In their hunt for the red portal key, Johnny, Pippin, and Dr. Kilroy have come to the Black Church, deep in the heart of Romania! There, they must solve the church's riddle and access the underground chambers. But they must beware of the spikes that really fall when the key is removed! Use the secret lever to keep a secret door open so that you can escape with the next clue! But is that Steven Sever, the psychic assistant to Lord Sam Sinister, lurking in the shadows? Includes 5 minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed Thunder, Dr. Kilroy, Knight Statue, and Steven Sever. Ages 7-14. Contains 376 pieces.
30011: The Jungle Chase - Watch out! Patrick, Senor Palomar, Rudo Villaino, and Captain Vladimir Sugar are getting away on the jungle cutting tank! Jump into action with Sarah Thunder, Lance Spears, and Harry Cane in order to get the blue and yellow portal keys back! But the villains have a trick up their sleeves. Use the jungle cutter to decimate the corn crops and trees, along with the tool shed. And if that's not enough, the amphibious car boat is following along behind. But never fear! Once you have the portal keys, swing back to the rest of the adventurers by using the vine and with the help of some cheerful monkeys! Includes 7 minifigures: Sarah Thunder, Lance Spears, Harry Cane, Patrick, Senor Palomar, Rudo Villaino, and Captain Sugar, plus two monkeys. Ages 7-14. Contains 510 pieces.
30012: Escape from the Train - Oh, no! Johnny Thunder, Lance Spears, and Harry Cane have been captured and are being held aboard Lord Sam Sinister's African train! What's worse, the villains now have the yellow and orange portal keys! However, our heroes are not willing to give up without a fight! Fend off Lord Sinister, John Parker, ninja Thomas Skint, and the Russian Mercenary as the engineer keeps the train chugging. In the meantime, help Lance raid the boxcar and take control of the supply truck. Press the hidden lever to pop the boxcar open and send the truck out! Don't forget those portal keys while you escape! Includes 8 minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Lance Spears, Harry Cane, Lord Sam Sinister, John “Six Shots” Parker, Thomas Skint, Russian Mercenary, and Engineer. Ages 8-14. Contains 725 pieces.

30013: The Chamber of the Hidden Mysteries - At long last, the Chamber of the Hidden Mysteries has been discovered! Explore the wonders that this ancient cave has to offer, such as the crystal chambers, the hidden treasure rooms, and the ancient tribal architecture. Once you have scoured the chamber for artifacts, take the portal keys to the chamber's portal and insert them into the slots, activating the portal! Heroes and villains alike look into the portal to see their greatest desires! What will you see? Will you see mounds of treasure, an ancient gem, or a beloved relative? Only the selfless and loving will get what they truly desire! Includes 12 minifigures: Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed Thunder, Dr. Kilroy, Sarah Thunder, Lance Spears, Lord Sam Sinister, Patrick, John “Six Shots” Parker, Billy the Kid, Senor Palomar, Dr. Daniel Thunder, and Dr. Jim Carew. Ages 8-14. Contains 740 pieces.

Short Films Classics

30014: Dodo Nest - Mathias the Fat Chef has come to capture the dodos and their eggs for his next feast! Protect the nest filled with eggs with Mama and Papa Dodo, who will do anything to keep their species from dying out. But if that black rat has his way, their efforts might be in vain. Includes Mathias the Fat Chef minifigure, plus Mama Dodo, Papa Dodo, and rat. Ages 6-14. Contains 60 pieces.
30015: Mega Wing - By using his new flying machine, Ulysses has accidentally discovered time travel, sending him to the time of the dinosaurs! Making a crash landing, he only has moments to escape before that T-Rex makes a meal out of him! But who is that behind the bush? Includes 2 minifigures: Ulysses S. Powell and Amelia Earhart. Ages 6-14. Contains 42 pieces.
30017: Chimpanzee Exhibit - Poor chimpanzees! The rude family is pelting them with cookies! Use the mini catapult to hurl cookies at the zoo cage! But the chimpanzees are clever. Turn the plant in the exhibit to put the rude family where they belong! This hilarious set also features a segway for a chimpanzee to ride. Includes 2 minifigures: Rude Dad and Rude Mom, as well as two chimpanzees. Ages 6-14. Contains 103 pieces.
30018: Alien UFO - Aliens have finally invaded Earth! But when one of them messes with Nana, their invasion plans are thwarted before they even start! Bring the UFO down to abduct the businessman, but Nana can use here secret catapult to hurl at the spacecraft and rip it in two using the exploding function! Those aliens will now know better then to mess with Nana! Includes 3 minifigures: Space Alien, Businessman, and Nana. Ages 7-14. Contains 194 pieces.
30020: Dan K. Donuts - Ralph Vagabond is ready to rob the bank, but he has mistaken the doughnut shop for his target! Have him march in with his deadly hair dryer and demand all of their money. Grab the doughnuts instead and hitch a ride in the police car parked outside. It looks like Ralph messed up again! Includes 3 minifigures: Ralph Vagabond, Cashier, and Police Officer. Ages 7-14. Contains 310 pieces.
30021: Ulysses' Wild West Hometown - After his time in the army, Ulysses moved out west into this small wild west town. Buy all of your provisions at the general store, hang out in the saloon, and dream up plans for new inventions in Ulysses S. Powell's homestead. Out on the desert trail, watch out for that runaway wagon, but did its cargo just fly through the air? Ulysses has a new invention in mind! Includes 5 minifigures: Ulysses S. Powell, Store Owner, Cowboy, Bartender, and Town Patron. Ages 8-14. Contains 591 pieces.
30022: S.S. Comis - Explore the seas for new lands aboard the ship S.S. Comis! Its crew, led by Captain Miguel, has arrived at the island of Mauritius, home of the dodo birds! Set down your anchor and send the rowboat ashore to scout the shoreline. Add this discovery to the map in Captain Miguel's captain's quarters, make food for the crew in Mathias' galley, give a sermon with Father Juniper, and haul the cargo with Old Salt and Abraham. All of this activity has attracted the attention of the dodo birds. Who are these new friends? Includes 5 minifigures: Captain Miguel, Father Juniper, Abraham, Mathias the Fat Chef, and Old Salt, along with Papa Dodo and Wobbles the dodo. Ages 8-14. Contains 938 pieces.
NOTE: Sails are not featured in this file.

The Adventures of Legoman & A Friend of the Police

30023: Robbery at the Museum - Holy tongue-twisters! Brickzo and his heinous hilarious henchman Hobo are heisting the museum hall! Tie up the security guard with the can of silly string, then proceed to divert the patron while you smash open the glass case! Take the gold and make your getaway before the police arrive. Includes 4 minifigures: Brickzo the Clown, Hobo, Security Guard, and Museum Patron. Ages 6-14. Contains 85 pieces.

30024: Clown Car Pursuit - Race through the streets of Legotown and catch up to Brickzo and his band of bombastic, barbaric, buffoons before they blow town! Brickzo's clown car can smash through the barricade, but look out for the rubber chicken launcher! Use the Legomobile's deflector shield to send those projectiles back at the fleeing criminals and stop them in their tracks! If you need help, Captain Bill and a Motorcycle Cop are right behind! Includes 5 minifigures: Legoman, Brickzo the Clown, Lobo, Captain Bill, and Motorcycle Cop. Ages 6-14. Contains 225 pieces.

30025: Ambush at the Cargo Train Depot - Responding to a curious, crafty, clue, Chase McCain and his cohorts have come to the closed center of chaotic crafts! Having taken over the depot, Questions have grasped the upper hand! Launch a net from the roof to stop the motorcycle, then tackle the three terrific teammates! If Questions can't handle all three upholders of the law, he has a henchman for back-up. Includes 5 minifigures: Chase McCain, Officer Max, Legoman, Questions, and Dorky Henchman. Ages 7-14. Contains 182 pieces.

30026: Rubber Chicken Factory Hideout - Hurry to the hideous, horribly hap-hazard hideout! Brickzo and his henchmen are building an exploding golden rubber chicken to destroy city hall! Quickly get inside the hideout and beat up the henchmen! But watch out; Lobo can tie Legoman up to the giant exploding rubber chicken! Will he get out of this perilous predicament and save the city? You decide! Includes 5 minifigures: Legoman, Brickzo the Clown, Lobo, Pogo, and Hobo. Ages 7-14. Contains 277 pieces.

Kilroy Was Here!

30027: Hermione's Newsstand - The three riveters Gladys, Valerie, and Melba have stopped by Hermione's newsstand for the latest news, including the sinking of the U.S.S. John Paul Jones! Purchase the latest paper and get the latest scoop! Features 4 newspapers, so everyone can get the latest news! Includes 4 minifigures: Hermione, Gladys Brooks, Valerie Foster, and Melba Nesbitt. Ages 6-14. Contains 101 pieces.

30028: Spy Showdown - Red alert! Angie and Producer Sullivan are actually Nazi spies and are making their way to the Flatbush Subway! intercept them with Elliot and Rona, who will make sure that those spies never get away! Break the table and throw it in their way to stop them in their tracks! Combine with sets #30031 U.S.O. Club and #30029 Secret Meeting to build a full club with dance floor! Includes 4 minifigures: Elliot Abner Martin, Rona Hastings, Producer Milton Sullivan, and Angie Wilberforce. Ages 6-14. Contains 95 pieces.

30029: Secret Meeting - Alarm! Air raid warden Mr. Wilcox has ushered everyone into the bomb shelter, but stops club owner Ruth Taylor because the air raid is a cover for her to speak with government agents Elliot and Horace! Close the blackout curtains and take your seat at the table to get the mission briefing. Combine with sets #30031 U.S.O. Club and #30028 Spy Showdown to build a full club with dance floor! Includes 4 minifigures: Ruth Taylor, Elliot Abner Martin, Horace Mendez Lopez, and Mr. Wilcox. Ages 6-14. Contains 96 pieces.

30030: Spies' Hideout - Uh, oh! Private Joe Kilroy has been captured by the Nazi spies, and they will do anything to get the rendezvous coordinates out of him! Spin the chair around to face him into the working Power Functions light and use the MP's expertise to interrogate Kilroy. Agent June Forrest can break through the wall to save Kilroy, but can she get the spies in time before they escape through the sewage pipe? You decide! Includes 5 minifigures: Private Joe Kilroy, June Forrest, Hermione, Angie Wilberforce, and MP. Ages 7-14. Contains 206 pieces.

30031: U.S.O. Club - You can never say no to the U.S.O. with this fun and detailed set! Soldiers getting ready to ship out overseas can relax here to get some food, watch a movie, or dance the night away. Tonight's entertainment is none other than the child tap-dancing starlett, Miss Kitty Evans! While the soldiers watch the performance, hostesses like Gladys and Edith can bring out more food while Ruth Taylor supervises the Star Spangled Network radio broadcast!  Combine with sets #30028 Spy Showdown and #30029 Secret Meeting to build a full club with dance floor! Includes 9 minifigures: Private Joe Kilroy, Private Carl Ryder, Private Leo Pickford, Ruth Taylor, Gladys Brooks, Miss Kitty Evans, Jack Smith, Angie Wilberforce, and Edith. Ages 7-14. Contains 358 pieces.