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An Afternoon at the Zoo

The First Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards

The soundtrack for this hilarious animation features upbeat tunes by Django Reinhardt, emulating the film's wild and whimsical nature.

This track features the original music of the first fan choice awards, including the song "Lego Man."

A Bite of MyJobs

Late for the Soccer Match

The soundtrack for A Bite of MyJobs by Andrew Bermudez includes both deep and foreboding tunes for Dracula and up-beat jazz for the Career Advisor, giving this video about College of the Canyons' CWEE Department a unique flair.

This soundtrack by Andrew Bermudez captures the urgency of Peter Whitman trying to get to the soccer stadium and is composed to be compatible with the film's interactive nature.

New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable

Mystery at Shady Acres

The soundtrack for New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable features classical scores by famous composers including Ludwig Van Beethoven, giving the award-winning animation a timeless feel.

This is all of the music, both sourced and original, that appears in the Cornerstone Thespian Society's production of Mystery at Shady Acres, giving the play and film both a mysterious and comedic tone.

The Second Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards

Com 50 and 007

Giving this new awards ceremony a fun and wild flair, this soundtrack recreates the tunes of a bygone era while heralding the fun and majesty of a new era, both celebrating the past and exploring the future.

The soundtrack for the re-release of Com 50 and 007 by Andrew Bermudez features strong techno beats, creating the feel for an action-filled spy mission.

Mercury Rising in Our Oceans

Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo

Created by Andrew Bermudez for the Flashover Films PSA, this track mixes Robert Frost's "Piano Music" with Pinnacle Systems' "Underwater" and sets it to a deep and slow drum beat, evoking an aquatic, yet distressful, atmosphere.

The soundtrack for Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo features pre-existing scores from blockbuster films, giving this animated film the sense of an exciting and wondrous adventure.

Mustache Maniacs Film Co. - The First Ten Years

Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile

This track, composed by Andrew Bermudez, hearkens back to previous Mustache Maniacs Film Co. soundtracks, including "Projector Jazz," "Dracula Arrives," "Face-Off," and "Vacation: Unlimited."

The soundtrack for Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile has sourced soundtracks with an Egyptian undertone, helping to establish the locale of this popular sequel.

Freddy and Joey in Corn Farm

Gone Ice Fishin'

The soundtrack for Freddy and Joey in Corn Farm uses rustic iMovie soundtracks to evoke the fun and danger of the Mulberry Woods.

The soundtrack for Gone Ice Fishin'  uses iMovie soundtracks to suggest the relationship between the Ice Fisherman and the Polar Bear.

Vacation: Unlimited

Crazy Birthday E-Card Contest

The soundtrack for Vacation: Unlimited is reminiscent of travelogue scores, giving it the sense of a family outing adventure.

This is a collection of the tracks featured in the Crazy Birthday E-Card Contest, which celebrates our tenth anniversary.


Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients

This soundtrack by Andrew Bermudez blends the optimism of technology with a distressful and suspenseful tone, establishing the mood for Project U.

The soundtrack for Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients, by Andrew Bermudez, establishes each of the various locations depicted with ethnic music, mixed with recurring melodies to unify the film's ambiance.

True Identity

Unused Soundtracks

This soundtrack by Andrew Bermudez adds humor to this narrative that is told through photos, as well as heightens the tension between the hero and villain.
The following soundtracks were either created for Mustache Maniacs Film Co. productions or planned to be featured, but were never used.

The Kingfisher

The soundtrack for "The Kingfisher" uses classical music to tell a timeless story of making a fresh start in an unusual way.

Attack of the Fifty Foot Hamster

This soundtrack by Andrew Bermudez features a wide range of styles, from electronic beats for the science of the Bradford Rant Institute, to horror sounds for Black Bear and heavy metal for Nana.

Alms Pouch


The soundtrack for Alms Pouch, composed by Ferdinand Andrew Capitulo, creates a sense of the film's mood by using comical instruments and tunes.

The soundtrack for "Rift" by Andrew Bermudez is set to create a melody that is calm, mysterious, saddening, and innovative.

Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle

Ninjago: Visions of Memories

This soundtrack by Andrew Bermudez uses heavy metal and futuristic sounds for Alpha Team and ethnic sounds for the jungles of South America.

This soundtrack by Andrew Bermudez was created for this entry into Rebrick's "Ninjago: The Greatest Villain of All Time" contest. The beat loops were picked and trimmed to match the emotional mood throughout the film.

Alpha Team Advent Calendar

This soundtrack features holiday melodies for this end-of-the-year celebration, as well as the original short song "The Gift Rap."

New Year's Resolution

This soundtrack by Andrew Bermudez emphasizes the optimism that Zac has for his New Year resolutions.

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